Man in the Mirror

Don't go
Just don't go yet

I'm not going to sit here 
And pretend that it's going to be easy
You have two choices you can stay here
Revel in the past or become a better human 
Prove to the whole goddamn world 
That you're not weak anymore

Your whole life has been controlled by a knife
But you're not that weak are you
Because if you were you would already gave up
To the malicious thoughts in your head

So get up and go 
Just get up and fight 

You can do all the waiting you want 
As long as you keep working on 
The goal that you set yourself up for
Didn't you want that dream

You keep justifying all the reasons why you're lazy
But everyone sees all the reasons are bullshit 
So get up and go 
Before your whole life passes you 

Get up and run 
Just get up and go to war

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