Tell me the song and I’ll play it for you 


No!!!, I don’t know any, just play what you want to do 


Oh come on!! there must be a favourite song you like?, what do you listen too when your on your own at night? 


((Do I tell him the truth? ... the song that reminds me of him, how my heart makes my tears roll down to my chin? 

I can’t tell him the song I long him to sing , how I hope the words he would say were about me ? No I’ll cringe!))


I don't listen to music ... there no song that I like!!! (( i gesture for him to stop, wave my hand in spite))

Ok. Ok!!  I get the message ... (he waves his hands , Trying not to look aggressive)

Fingers on the chords the music starts to play 

How does he do it ... my song ... I’m blown away....

you know this? He asks 

A little I say...Though I’ll leave my feelings choked up incase this is just horse play xxx

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