Absalom's Rise

Were you not my watch tower, erect above the chalky cliff

Stone guardian against all, high over the rough tides of my youth?

Was yours not the bastion, planted secure on the high turf:

Whose high walls embraced us and protected?

But that was then, now I am the ascended man -

Now I do not see your turrets from my farther shore

Black waves broke on your defences, your mortar crumbled.

I am alone, I do not need your failed strength


From those same rocks that formed my cliff top tower

Came the ore from which I was hot forged and grew.

Paired with passion's deepest fire and born of love

Their strength shaped, their union created me.

But that was then, now I am the iron formed man,

Am I not the guardian buttress whose mighty stone walls

Subdue the old enemy, check the bleak storm, deflect the barbs?

I stand alone, I no longer need your ancient stone


Now the heat of your fires is lost to ash, I do not seek your warmth

Now your walls are tumbled, they offer me no shelter -

Do I not stand as you once did, a mighty tower watching over?

Your foundations anchored us, your brave stones gave refuge

But that was then, now I am the central pillar raised over all

High formed battlements are set against my ancestral tribes

Ramparts strongly built that no tide will scour, no word no wave destroy

You stand afar, I need only my strength within

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