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She's Trying

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{She's Trying}


She's trying to forget: 

She's trying truly to

force herself to

forget about the


between them


She's trying so hard

to forget his voice 

She's trying to forget

how he made her laugh

even though she felt like

she's was dying on

the inside 

She's trying to forget

all the beautiful

romance in the

making between



She's trying to



She's trying to forget

all the day's and 

night'sthat he made

her happy by saying

that I love you 

She's trying to forget

but she doesn't want

to let go of the

beautiful memories

that she holds so near

and so dear to ? heart

even though they have

parted ways because

those memories will

one day be wiped

clean from her

memory but it's to

soon to forget about

you and she cannot

and will not just yet


She was attracted to him 

She was falling for him



She will never know

how their love story

will go or end because

it has already ended

so long ago now but

it still rocks her

foundation makes her

love for him and her

personal life so

unsteady as she tries 

to piece it back

together but it will

never be whole

without him 


She tries not to

think of him these

day's but that's so

hard to do for her 


And she tries to forget

about the tall dark

handsome man that

she adored that her

? heart grew to love

but now it's a


memory now 

As she will forever be

wondering in the back

of her mind what could

have been and what

a beautiful blissful

life filled with children

in the future and more

love than any two

people on this planet

has ever known that

has gotten destroyed

by he said and she

said bull shit crap

that she lives to regret

now because she

misses him, 

wants him, loves him

but now she lives a

lonesome shy life

trapped off to the

outside world around

her because she

cannot bear this kind

of pain no more or



And as she drinks

one more beer or

one more shot to

force herself to forget

him and as she steps

outside of her body

that's transparent as

she sees right through

to her broken ? heart

and seeing herself

turning into an

alcoholic in the making

because the alcohol

makes her forget

him but when she

sobers back up she

turns right back to

the alcohol to remove

herself from the world

around for a short time

and all of her problems

and where she wishes

that would blow the

hell up and killer her

any freaking day

now because

truthfully that's the

only way she's ever

forget him 


Love hurts


Love is a depressing

crappie game we all

play for that embracing

of two bodies in the

heat of the moment

that can be a global



And no more love will 

be accepted into her

world she will push it

away like she does

everything else that

has tried to love me

this shy woman with

a kind heart filled

with hurt at the

moment but it will

one day disappear

like the hazy jazzy

fog that I call love 



And this isn't what

I thought love would

ever be for me now

I try to dodge it like

it's going to kill me

if I even approach

it or try to accept

and return it back

to them 


And the whole

time she's

wondering what 

the hell she's

done because

he could've

been her very

special someone 



I don't like you

much any more

now don'y you never

darken my doorstep

again because you

totally suck



blah~blah black

sheep now my ?

heart forever cries

with his name

crying out inside of

her in vain with so

much pain and

nothing will never

be the same again



And no more love is

welcome here 







©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/06/2017 all rights reserved

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Tina Glover

Thu 7th Dec 2017 03:43

Ahh thanks Patrick that's super sweet of ya and drop by anytime u want to you hear!

Sure do appreciate it!!

<Deleted User> (16099)

Wed 6th Dec 2017 18:21

amazing I will only come back to read this like a hundred times...

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