Mad At Myself

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{Mad At Myself}



I'm so


mad at 

myself not




I'm so

blame mad

for me 

always being

so nice to

you and me



for thing's I

didn't do  




​​​​​​And I really

am mad at

myself for

getting so

attached to you 




And making

my life

depended on

you and

wasting my

valuable time

on you 





And wishing

you was here 




And thinking

about you

and for giving

you my all 




And forgiving

you for everything 

wishing for

you but that

was my

biggest mistake 




And for


about you

and for

dreaming you

to life 




And most of

all for not 

hating you 

which I know

I should do

but I can't 

seem to do 

just that 




And I mad

at myself for

letting you 

play me like a

old board game 








©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/03/2017 all rights reserved

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