The Doll's smile

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Dolce and beautiful,
Smiling and enchanting,
Alluring the world,
Queen of a kid's heart,
Her smile allures the kid
disappearing the loneliness.

The gorgeous innocent smiling doll

She never complained,
just smiled and smiled,
She was the companion
of Solitude.
She was a friend,
a best friend indeed.
who was a giver
 and just a giver.

She was played with, 
Twisted and rolled, 
Sometimes her hair
Sometimes weird make-up, 
But still she smiled. 

She was accompanied
as long as her owner's wanted. 
She remained silent, 
and kept smiling.

 Time flies by
 like the firework in the sky.
Child is now a teenager, 
the doll is not her best friend anymore. 
Dust, dirt and her smile
are her sole companion now. 
Adored by none, 
living in the solitude. 
Abandonment blew her beauty, 
like dandelion in the wind.

She resembles a haunted piece
in the forgotten corner of store room. 
The face of angel is now a forgotten haunted stuff. 
With shaggy hair and raggy clothes. 
But the smile was still engraved. 

Lifeless, filthy doll lies amidst dust 
Untill the day when owner visited the storeroom
to clear and vacate the place. 
She glanced the doll her old bestie. 
Doll's smile was yet enact,
which let the owner recollect nostalgic memories.
She was dolled up again,
cleaned and adorned with newly stitched beautiful dress. 

Next day,  owner took the doll
and gifted it to a needy poor kid,
who had no bestie but poverty. 
Her smile is not solitary anymore. 
The Smile was showered by innocence  again,
recording numerous reminiscence again. 

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kJ Walker

Sun 17th Dec 2017 07:57

Really beautiful Ankita. And so true, our loft is full of the kids childhood toys, all waiting their time ready to be loved yet again.
I think i spotted a tiny typo (angle instead of angel).

Thanks for posting
Cheers Kevin

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Big Sal

Fri 15th Dec 2017 17:31

Excellent poem, I loved it.

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