The end of a week

The light from the bed-stand lamp shone onto your hair

It was a wheat field at sunset, it was an empty clay field in New Mexico

With its saturated yellows, blacks and reds. I brushed my fingers across the plain.

I felt the grain brush and twist between my fingers.


You pushed your back closer to my chest and sighed happiness

And I continued to memorize every detail of the moment


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It’s amazing how you can look into someone’s eye’s and see a universe.

A universe with planets and stars placed against the dark

A universe where life breathes through every orifice

And the lights of consciousness ignite and pull forward gravity


You can look into someone’s eyes and see a universe

The perfect universe

Where everything is where it’s supposed to be

A univers...

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A note on my phone

Seething with emotion she stood by the cliff

She felt too free to move away

And too much a coward to jump in.

Watch the waves sway


Blown back by eastbound winds

Frothing sea foam covered the wave-tips.

The whistle of air tickled her limbs

Sea spray shot onto her lips


The sun lay halved on the distant horizon

Sinking like a ship at sea

With its passengers glo...

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