Sister's By Blood But Distant By ? Heart

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{Sister's By Blood But Distant By ? Heart} 



I miss my sister by blood she once was my sister not just the sister she's pretending to be today



{And I miss my blood sister} 




Because as children we laughed, cried, played and loved each other like only blood sister's could do 



{And I miss my blood sister}



But as we grew up got older our lives took different direction's that made us even more distant by ? heart now as I need my sister the most because I'm living with a life of death ahead of me and I fear that I will not have her in my life at this time I will die sister~less 



{And I miss my blood sister}



Because she's always lived her life without me really in her life for over ten plus year's now as I tried to be her sister but she wouldn't never hear of it 



{And I miss my blood sister}




Until now because she said I was on her mind lately so she came to see me at my weakest point in my life as my disease is slowly stealing my life away but she's really not there she's only there from the outside looking into my life as I slowly die away without my blood sister by my side as I've cried over the year's asking God please grant me that sisterly relationship I've always been longing to have with her 



{Because I miss my blood sister}



But in reality I think it's a deploy that's playing like a hidden McCoy 



{As I do miss my blood sister I really do} 




As you finishing up destroying what she has set out so long to do before my life is finally through here on earth 




{And I miss my blood sister I really do}




And I cannot fully trust her because of the past experiences that has occurred because it was all absurd in that life~bite's reality world that is still spinning like my own {world of turns} reality show that I want to be cancelled and one that I want to forever unsubscribe from 



{And I miss my blood sister I really do}=={And I do miss my blood sister}




But in her world she think's she's the saint and I'm the biggest sinner 



©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/01/2017 all rights reserved 

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