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Well I'm stuck in a hard spot with a beautiful new blooming romantic relationship because this person has asked me for my hand in marriage and I'm somewhat scared to make a big commitment to him like that knowing I've had bad experiences with my past relationships before him 



And mu mind is telling me to listen to my ? heart that is still beaten up because of a man that shall remain name~less at this point but my ? heart is telling me girl don't let this man slip away because of the past relationships you've had and do what makes you happy which I'm trying to do but it's hard because of that name~less one that is still tugging at my ? heart so but I am falling in love with this new man that wants to marry me because he wants me for me and to love me unconditionally for the rest of my day's here and I guess it's cold feet and fearing that I will lose him to but I have got to stop thinking that way because this man has shown me more love than I have ever known 



And I know my ? heart has been smitten like a kitten by my new love or like I've been bitten by the most toxic love bug when it comes to loving him so I guess my choice is take that leap of faith with him and marry him as  planned and don't live in my past experiences of regrets 



And as my past will always be in the back of my mind but it will be there any time for me to revisit when I want someone to thank for my new bliss and happiness because you all drove me here so don't you all cry those fake tears of wanting me because that wasn't never clear to you all until now but I'm happy and in love with my new love now which isn't the old us from the past 



And I cannot believe I have this new man who actually wants me to be his wife as I am screaming it to the whole wide world because I'm filled with joy,love,happiness with my big secret that I've been hiding from everyone and now it's time to get all the plans together for the place and a place for us to say I do to each other in front of family and good friend's and that's all I really want is a small country church wedding 



Because I do know this much I do love you and my night in shining armor has came to recuse me way from everyone and everything in my life 





I do 

I will 

through sickness

and health in the good times and the bad one's to because I do and I have always loved you and I cannot wait to take your last name because that will the day I become your new wife who will love, adore, cherish for the rest of my day's 



Our new beginning and us saying good~bye to the past 



As we build a life with children and more love than we both have ever known before 



And as we stand tall and strong to keep anything darkening new love and from taking us under because you are my lightning and I'm your thunder and we will be everyone else's wrecking ball  destroying all that tries to break us apart because you hold the key to my ? heart around your neck that goes to my ? heart where no one can steal it away and I'm forever yours so no worries about outside predators because none can't enter here and there's no need to worry about an outside threat because that isn't going to be heard of not here 







©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/02017 all rights reserved 


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