No air no air

we have no fresh air

it's what Mr Khan says

in his role as the mayor


aware aware

of polluting the air

take a stand on the issue

Mr Khan if you dare


do we care do we care

if the air is so rare

and the lungs of the capital

cannot repair


Mr Khan O Mr Khan

were you born in a barn?

will you join us in a prayer

for a breath of fresh air. 




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Sat 9th Dec 2017 11:15

HI Mark . Re my first comment to you re Mr Khan's motives: cynicism is perhaps a too barbed word and not in keeping with the impression I have of you - so please overlook this please - got carried away!


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Hannah Collins

Fri 8th Dec 2017 20:06

I love the title of this and it is an important issue, handled very well in this poem.


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Fri 8th Dec 2017 16:06

HI again Mark. All I would say to cut the head well and truly off this poem and its revelatory comments is that whatever mayor we have (including Livingstone) has a dual existence. One is as a public servant which may include unpopular or even unfeasible policies, the other to build credibility for a political career. In consequence, he (or she) would not be able to please all of the people all of the time. Most never reach the end of their tenure unscathed. Good luck to them and their peace of mind I say. I rest my case. (With respect!)

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 8th Dec 2017 12:51

Hi Ray - cynicism may be a justified accusation BUT I'm
aware as a central London resident that this mayor is
pushing for a substantial increase in fines for parking
offences, as well as a policy (yet another attempt) to
remove traffic from nearby Oxford Street. I'm old enough
to have "been there" before and the knock-on effects on
neighbouring streets, many of them residential, a fact not
often thought about here in the middle of London, is
NOT appealing - and hardly solves the question of
access to the "world's greatest shopping street" by its
eager customers: especially the elderly and the infirm.

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Thu 7th Dec 2017 22:29

Thank you all for joining me in my yuletide message.

You make the true point Beno and wisely so. There are so many good causes probably too many to service properly . I think Xmas must always have a dark side but life goes on! Appreciated.

Nailed, David.

Valid points Mark. Some people go down with infections others soldier on - my dad lived to be 84 - up to London every day and a solid smoker. Life expectancy is improving UK wide but the NHS is seizing up, not a healthy sign. Are you perhaps implying an ulterior motive to Mr Khan? Then your cynicism is alive and well.

Suki, you make me wish for those days - satire today is a mere shadow of the days of That was the week that was . Too many risks of reprisal perhaps. I think the politicians enjoyed being lampooned on Spitting Image. Bring it back I say!!

Thanks Col and New Shoes for your likes.

Love to all this side of Xmas.

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suki spangles

Thu 7th Dec 2017 05:14

Hi Ray,

This would work well on that old satirical show from the nineties, Spitting Image. They used musical parody/satire often. Shame it's not around anymore, this would work brilliantly with all the puppets and all..


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 6th Dec 2017 19:31

Droll, and neatly rhymed! I was
waiting for a hacking cough to play it out! :-)
I've been living and working in the East End and West End
of London since I was asthmatic child of another
time. I've spent hours patrolling its formerly foggy, traffic-laden streets
and even now in my 8th decade, live in its heart near the
busiest arterial roads into the city. Yet I feel no ill effects
and wonder if there is something akin to an inoculation
process that has a part to play to acclimatise the body
to its surroundings. Perhaps not being a smoker, a drug
abuser, or alcohol-addicted has helped - who knows?
But London wasn't known as The Smoke for nothing and
its concentration of traffic has always been a fact of life
from - and before - the time chimney emissions and manure on the roads gave way to petrol fumes.
I am aware that income from trumpeted policies provides
the mayor with useful encouragement in his role of
health crusader.

<Deleted User> (18474)

Wed 6th Dec 2017 07:05

Very well sung. Made me laugh. You should do stuff for the news quiz!! Lol.

I laugh but it's a proper serious issue . Satire is a very useful tool to address failing politics.
There will be a lot of very sick people this winter due to poor air quality. There will be many extra deaths and bereft families. Not such a happy Christmas for them?
Sorry to be so heavy.

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