Earth's sword

Earth is a curious place.  Sunrise evokes awe

in those who watch a day’s waking hour.  To survive

that day, or consecutive days, we’re totally

reliant upon our ingenuity and

the society we’ve built.  Were it not for our

technology, logistics and planning, many

of us would not be here.  Earth’s beauty hides this harsh,

double edged sword.  Something so beautiful can be

lethal.  On the other hand, everything we

need can be found on our planet.  Resources which

our generations squander, for the sake of ease,

money and power, restricting the potential

for our subsequent generations to survive.

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Mon 1st Jan 2018 11:39

Thanks both for your comments.

I agree, we have the capacity, ingenuity and capability to look after and nurture our envrionment and the plethora of fellow Earth dwellers we share that with.

What frustrates me is that we don't.

So much could be done, and just isn't.

That doesn't take away from the amazing and vital work of so many of us get involved in and support.

I just worry that time will run out, and we'll be faced with a giant problem that it's too late to fix.

I do cross my fingers and hope, though!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 31st Dec 2017 17:14

A stimulating essay into the paradox of the beauty/harsh
cruelty of the natural world that surrounds us and upon
which we largely rely, and our own ingenuity that allows us
to survive as a species and which enables others to do likewise.
We have our failures but we are
the only life-form that actively & consciously involves itself
in the interests and protection of
others in the end game of existence, whatever its source.
We are given the intelligence to understand this and thus cannot
afford the ultimate failure of not acknowledging that awareness each and every day.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 30th Dec 2017 12:05

Well put, eloquent and pressing.I like the twist in the first two lines, very mind grabbing.

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