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{Mother Earth} 


We honor mother earth to keep mother earth clean and to protect her from all the trash, toxins, killable gasses, oils that's polluting mother earth from sea to shinning sea and not to be polluted by this drilling with all this fracking that is supposedly all natural fracking but as mother earth only scream's out in bloody murder and sickening pain as you keep poisoning her water ways to make our people sick with illnesses, incurable diseases if they drink it and the land beneath our feet is not safe to plant seed's for harvesting to feed our people to keep them from starving to death and the air we breathe into our lungs and bodies as you are only killing all of us humans slowly without showing us any kind of emotions and earthly thing's that slowly slips away beyond  grasping to save mother earth when she has blessed us with so much to care for our people but once mother earth has been long forgotten to pass  away because you failed to honor her any ways and then don't cry when you also perish away because mother earth can only with stand so much before she finally explodes then fades completely away out of life's existence while you keep on destroying our destiny by honoring dear old mother earth as she cries out in bloody murder


Save mother earth! 




{Honor Mother Earth}={My Native Americans}={Cherokee Pride} 

©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/02/2017 all rights reserved 



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