Shornschu (12/28/2017)

expertise: glancing words off hdes made for war 

guillotine: catharsis built on blood and gore 


oscillations on the airwaves made to build me into who I am but not what I was meant to be 

carving runes onto my skull
purge the guts and crack the hull
spill out an landslide of slewn enemy
gather'd humours looking back to me

to me, To Me! An anemone
implanted with a smiling eye 
parasites that spake for me 
no more : crushed by boots
taking their first steps again
in condemnation and without sin

throwing bones to read a moveset
like chess, but I'll move in opposite

to cross an ocean:

shorn shoes and flagellations spent
killing all messengers sent 
to save a wretch like me
to save a wretch like me
is not to save yourself

Vikings Pheonix leather shoes

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