Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #15 {Hopeless Romantic}

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #15 {Hopeless Romantic} 



His eyes sparked

a flame in me

that I thought 


His lips tasted

like the sweetest

? honey dew

melon brushing

against my lips

for the first time

each time he

would ? kiss


His hair was

wavy that was

so soft against

my naked fleshy


His laughter

was like sweet

melodies playing

in my ears each

time he would

speak to me 

His hands was

soft with the

rugged roughness

to them as he

slowly slipped

my long hair

from in front of

my beautiful 

face stroking

my cheeks with

his finger tips as

I snuggled into

his warm chest 

His chest was

rippling with

muscles bulging

`n` popping out

all over his

smooth chest

leaving me

wanting to run

my hands all

over his hot

smoking body 

His buttocks was

firm to the touch

but so plump `n` 

juicy that you

would have to

grab `n` smack 

that bubblicious

delicious delight

that you have in

your hand while

you both sigh with

enjoyment of being

naughty like a

naughty bad girl

`n` bad boy 

His shaft was big

that filled the

smallest tightened

places that

would leave you

pulling away from

him as he would

stroke his hard long

`n` soft shaft with a

short `n` long stroke

with it getting

thicker while you

both moan out

loudly with fulfillment

`n` relief `n` pleasurement

as you both reach

for the stars to

hit that first of 

many climaxes `n` 

it's purely hot

passionate until you

are lost into the

intoxication of never

leaving his long

hard thick throbbing

shaft as you ride

like riding off into

the wild~wild

west bareback on

a horse never

leaving his shaft

  ahh~ahh yes

don't stop go harder,

go deeper, go faster

until we both explode

like the hottest volcanoe

erupting burning down

everything around 

us making us both

want more `n` more 









©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/09/2017 all rights reserved 

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