Daily Battle

Your ghost lingers

Our connection is still open

I can feel your highs and lows

I can feel your anger and love

It hurts

Everything hurts

Do you feel mine

Can you feel how alone I feel?

Knowing that now

With the only one gone

There is none left who can decipher what I’m saying

“The sky is blue,” I could say

“The sky is light blue” is the common response

No one adds to anything anymore

No one talks to me anymore

When was the last time I had an honest philosophical conversation that enriched my soul?


Each morning I wake up

With a rock in my chest

Those arguments on repeat in my theater

If we were so important to each other

… then why am I alone


I’m left to believe that I am truly arbitrary


◄ Specifically, Then, Why?

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Big Sal

Sat 2nd Jun 2018 02:41

Incredibly personal and particularly powerful. Very well done.?

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