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Oh what express – what

The empty page beautiful, blank like fallen snow waiting for a life to touch it.

(Sigh) The blankness mocks me. 

I long so to stain the page beyond the compass blades summit with ideas that encompass more than lands distance. 

Oh, to etch the slate with important gravity that excavates through touching everything above and below and without effort imposing itself on every thread that spin...

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Playing Charades with the Clouds

A fish, a boat, look, that one there’s a goat

Images sail across the sky

Images soften and morph by


A house, a can, look, that one there’s a man

It’s Mr. Keeter from down the street

And that bird was his feet


A clown, a duck, try with that one - good luck

It’s simple let your imagination fly

Besides lots of fun, give it a try


A laugh, a giggle, Look that o...

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Aurora Slept for Hours

Showered by the stars,

Snuggled next to Mars,

While cradled in the arm of the moon

Aurora slept for hours.


Dreams attached to comet tails

Run with reckless speed, full sails

To distant shores and pirate tales

Aurora slept for hours.


Away with the days troubles by sword and plank

Where men were judged by the ale they drank,

And the guilty without guilt where ...

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Have You Seen My Wayfaring Father

Have you seen my wayfaring father

He went astride before I was grown

He left our stead and my fragile mother

(He said he would not tarry long)

I summon him this decoration day


I left our stead late December

(With no ballast or chink in my pockets)

Across Mountain brook

Through thorn-ed bramble

To find him consorting with the abandons

I will not be swayed, this de...

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The Pessimist

A man, a philosopher thought he.

Decided to make a statement, you see.

To proclaim that he was an optimist.

And trying to make a believer of me,

This, simply said he:

"The world has to many pessimists."

I concluded, a philosopher or an optimist -

Neither was he.

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She only ever kisses me goodbye

I’m sure that I’m uncertain

And I might be in love

While she’s nearly committed

When she’s near to me

Then I realise

When she kisses me

she only kisses

(When she does)

She only ever kisses me goodbye

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Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Melt the snow - Reveal the dead

Free the hammer and chisel from the stone

Reveal the ground to free my head


Let me feel - Let me see - Everything stop glistening

Let the melting set me free - Budding branches on the tree

Kiss the world - Breakthrough flowers

Illuminate what’s devoured

Warm the waking - warm the growing hour - Illuminate t...

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Bullets from the soul (New Year's Resolutions)

Dodging and ducking,

Running and jumping,

Spinning down...

Life has caught a spirit.


A moment has caught a life,

A lifetime changed in a moment.

A child who is the man,

The man who was the child.


Climbing and sliding,

Loving and losing,

Falling down...

Bullets invade the man.


A soul is invaded by a bullet,

A bullet that came in a moment,

A m...

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Autumn Changes Me

entry picture

Autumn changes me

I grow stiff as a tree

The falling memories

Are piling all around me

And my color changes

Emptying into grey

I feel broken and cold

As the November rain

Turns into December Snow

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Agingpoemshort poem

Who Will Go Through The Door

Who will say they have no fear?

Who would say they see, as if the door weren't there?

Who will dare?


Who will grab the knob without care?

Who would dare even knock or stare?

When all the signs say beware?


Do not laugh, I am sincere.

Even if you were sin clear.

Making the sign read enter here.


With your life spent trying to prepare.

Watching others go th...

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life after death

As Dogs Chase Cars

entry picture

I linger on

My lips to yours

As cats chase strings

As dogs chase cars


Leave me there to explore

Through this opening

Through this door


Linger on the touch

Linger on the taste

Linger on the smell

Linger on the breath

Linger on the heat

Linger on the secrets hidden beneath


I linger on

My lips to yours

As cats chase strings

As dogs chase ...

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There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs

entry picture

There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.

Each creak guiding, reminding you of your place,

Between the rise and the run,

The rhythm within the space.

There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.

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short poem

For the Longings of the Bard’s Vessel’s Vein

Ghostly thoughts formed from the heart tricking the mind to act on its request.

With filial piety the mind must acquiesce.

The mind does rule the heart to beat,

By the proclivity for the mind to obsess for the longings of the bard’s vessel’s vein,

Seduced by its mistress, the heart does reign.

Oh, the heart, she is a sly coquet.

Flirt as she will, there cannot be a lawful marriag...

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Windows into Me

entry picture

This is a window into me

Look and you may see

Smudges of yourself

And reflections of society


Windows in the form of

Framed soliloquies

Exhibitions for free


Clean my glass chalice

Clean my glass cauldron

Clean my glass coffin


A voyeurs gathering

Windows into me

Take a look and you may see

Smudges of yourself

And reflections of society

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All Dead

entry picture

In the Springtime of my growing

The Summer of my knowing

Sown were the seeds for all my hopes and dreams


Through the rain and muddy water

There came up fragile flowers

To share with all my lovers

Where I expected trees


Being young, naive, and caring

I left my gate for sharing

Now trampled are my flowers

Trampled by my lovers

And the feet of many others


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For a moment (Lyrics)

entry picture

I want to find myself lost in the panic of a moment

Want to feel my heart skip a beat

When I see the girl of my dreams - staring at me

Yeah - Staring - smiling - right at me


Yeah and the moment will feel so real - but it will be like a dream

And we’ll feel so light in our moment

Like we’re standing on the moon

Yeah like we’re standing on the moon


And it will be li...

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lyricsRomantic poems

Seduce me

Come to me with an insatiable hunger.

Take me with lustful passion.

Find your breath on my lips.

Force me with erotic fervor.

Make me taste your sensuality.

Then I will hunger.

And we will devour each other in our carnage.

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Love and lustpoemyin and yang

Missing you from me

entry picture

I miss you away from me
I miss the feel of your bare neck in my hands
I miss your rhythmic fretting

Your screaming
Your singing
Your feedback

The curves of your body
Your wire
Your strap
Your tension
Your release

Your weight in my hands
Your weight in my lap
Your vibrations - your tremors

Now my hands feel empty

I want to finger
I want to pick
I want ...

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Fall and Foster

entry picture

I have an ax and a hammer. 
With one hand I fall with the other I foster.
To the rise I fell.
With the fall I prosper.

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short poem

Now Julie says man

entry picture

Now Julie says man

If you can't make it all right with someone

You can make it feel all right

And even if their heart breaks

You can get another one

Now Julie's walking a fine fine line

She walks around tries to make everything right

She walks around plays their life

While everything else runs down the drain

Now Julie knows how to make the boys cry

Oh and sometimes sh...

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When Our Song Becomes a Prayer

After I'm gone

And our song becomes a prayer

When your day is long

You have this gift

To sing or to hum along

To fill the empty place

With our memories


When annoyances become found recollections

When forgiveness would have been a better choice

Or simply a more passive quiet voice

When love is deserved least - we love the most 

Know that I love you more than...

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Love lost

To Evona From Corbin

Dear Evona,

I have been a farmer of recollections since we have parted. The harvests of my memories are a gathering of longing and despair; from a crop, which I did cerebrate sow. Tending in joyful industry, planting each seed of pine, each seed of sorrow. Each yield planted lovingly by steady hand. Each seed I did water to grow. Laborious, daily I have tended to my harvest. Cultivated, with my...

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love poem

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