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She not really into me

She not really into me.

Though she wants to live with me.

She only has to sleep with me.


She’s so paranoid I’ll leave.

She still wants me for a toy that screams.

Though she’s not really into me.


She only likes me codependently.

I know she’s not really into me.

I’m just cost effectively adding to her variety.


She only drinks green herbal tea.

Goes after ...

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Lost on the Tip of the Tongue

Why is it that I have to search my brain,

Looking for a word there left?

Put behind some door in the room.

Locked away in some chest.


Why do subjects run and hide?

When did the librarian go blind?


As I think or (more likely when) I quit

A fuse is replaced.

From the tip of my tongue,

The word’s right in my face!


I run to the mirror,

And search my tong...

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There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs

There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.
Each creak guiding, reminding you of your place
Between the rise and the run
The rhythm within the space.
There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.

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short poem

Three Witches Brew

Watch out, over there!  No over there!

It's time to be alert, it's time to beware.

Time for Ghosts and Goblins and fear!

Look for witches who take to the air.

Time for monsters, spooks and storytelling.

Time to see who'll scare first, who'll be yelling.

It's Halloween time the best time of the year,

For ghost stories around a fire which crackles and sears.

Be leery of the p...

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I Run to Your Garden

I run through tall grasses

that outline your garden.

Allow passage through your gates.

Run over me with shear silk waters

so I can taste the bud of your flowers,

swaying in the warmth of the sun.

I climb to their top

so I can get closer to your moon

and set my soul free.

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Crush me with love

Crush me with love

Never lost but never found.

Push me down from above.

Overwhelm me.

Thrust passion upon me.

With sensuality, seduce me.

Enrapture me and trap me.

To your cadence, excite me.

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love poetrypoem

The Path of Life

Find time to stare.

Stare down all the paths that lead from here to there.

Take time to read the labels - be aware.

Distinguish the ones that are easy

from the ones that have no air.

Read the signs for every care.

Warning: hazardous conditions - BEWARE!

Maybe you should take that path over there.

Now imagine, throw seed to the air

Let the wind lay them where.


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Write me to Right me

Right me thus.

Write me this.

Write, to right a wrong.


Write me a poem.

Wrong the line of a song.

For I am forlorn (and want to be adorned).


Write it down.

Right me now.

Write me now.

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Paper Mache’

I glue on paper faces

Painted paper emotions

Youthful expressions

Air brushed lines

That time erases

I look at my faces

Paper crayon images

Counterfeit impressions

Hollowed traces of me

Through bits of torn canvas

Paper-cuts in deeper places

Finding it is no longer me I see

Dog-eared moments torn away

Pages of pulp fiction

Shreds of emotions

Confetti to...

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I am Fish

I am raw like fish

Kill my heart to feel your best

Have me on the table

Be my guest

This is your wish

This is your wish?

And I, so foolish

Being dinner

Being fish

Am raw now

From your lies

Attracting flies you tie

Trapped to the hooks on your lines

Tied to your string

This is your wish

This is your wish?

And it's OK to eat me

I don't have any feel...

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Ethereally Here/There

If I am to be There

I must have a reason to be here

If there is a There to be.


If I didn’t need to be here

So I could be There

There I would already breath.




If there is a There

And There I am meant to be

My focus there should be - eternally




My focus is here

With no time for thought of There

Where all the focus is monetary

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Fairy Tail Feathers

The man in the corner

The girl in the wall

The man on the moon

The girl who ran to far


Dogs and swans and honeymoons

Homes of wax

Mouths made from silver spoons

Lines drawn on folded maps


The time cantilever

The weight from the dying

The stone wall of forever

The furrows made from the lying


Fairy tales with Insects

Books filled with worms


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free writingPoem

Cry on Moana we could use the rain

She's so tired

Saddened and uninspired

Looking through her shoe-box of memories

Trying to find out what happened to her desires



Cry on...Cry on

Cry on


we could use the rain

Cry on...Cry on

Cry on


who knew a shoe box of memories could carry so much pain


A new Morning will dawn

Love will come to find you

Love will come walking u...

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An Offering (Proposal) to My Teacher

Becoming bitter,

I learned to suppress my hunger.

You stimulated my pallet with your sweetness

and I hungered.


Walking without purpose

I stumbled over myself.

You took hold of my hand

and I was steadied.


When attacked by the cold

I would defend my residence.

You showed me to open,

embrace the cold and warm it.


When lost and confused,

I rushed a...

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Staring at the Concept of a Word

If,  I were standing in the snow

Would I know it, if it was pure?

As it could.  As I should.


If, I was alone on the shore

Would I know it, if it was fine?

As it could.  As I should.


If I swam in the Sea

Would I know it, if it was deep?

As it could.  As I should.


If, I was lost in the woods

Would I know it, if it was dense?

As it could.  As I should.


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Woulda - Shoulda - Coulda

I know

I woulda - shoulda - coulda - done better

Could of been a better man to you

Oh baby, for this I am sorry - sad but true

But you know as I know - as everyone else knows

You - shoulda - coulda done better by me too

And if you woulda - I just might have been a better man for you



We both shoulda known better

And yes

We both woulda - shoulda - coulda done be...

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Love lostPoem

Because  I have the Right

Here I stand with the air in my hand

Wanting to ask a question I’ve held  for so long

It was  important but now it’s gone

And I can’t seem  to remember why I wanted to be called on

An opportunity to touch the world

My opportunity to reach out with a word

An opportunity to be heard

I  know  I wanted to say something profound

To say something that has never been said

Or ju...

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freedom of speachpoem

Normality a cultural prison

(Idea 1)

Normality a cultural prison

Trapping idiosyncrasies inside

Only allowing familiarity out

Until it becomes an idiosyncrasy

Less idiosyncrasies become the norm

(Idea 2)

Normality a cultural prison

The shackler of growth

The farmer of prejudice

And the creator of injustice

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In the center of your calm

A midsummer Louisiana rain fell on a hot tin roof

The steam drew away - by a shearing wind that blew


The thunder growled - as the banshee howled

The dancing rain pounded and groomed the ground


And we lay together

In the center of your calm


While I lay, quieted in the shelter of your calm

The storm rages on

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bad weatherpoemRainstorm

Creating Another Shakespearean Tragedy

Where art thou?

Post is the day,

With the night almost spent.

Where is my love light?

Without it, I will surely become unsteady,

And am apt to stumble in the night.

Where is my love who has taught the stars to shine,

Which have guided me on such nights as this?

Foul is the northern wind

That would snuff a candle

While it is being lit!

And what of your absence?


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Abandoned children

See the needy

Abandoned children

Knocking at you door

Begging for your attention

We know no ones home

Waiting, longing for caring people

Wanting a little charitable affection

Donations to be dropped off

Contributions to the lost and found

Casualties of economic wars

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child neglectPoem


Green plastic army men

Barbie plays with Ken

Drafted are the boys to men

Someone’s started a fight

The girls can choose to abort

Politicians say they have that right

Choose to prostitute then they will prosecute

Pro-choice is not the right to choose

Only the right to a choice

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A walk in the garden with Juliet (How many Romeos have you killed?)

Hey, Juliet, your time has come and you’re alone.

All your childhood dreams have grown and your still standing in your sequins.

Reflections prompt so many questions while loosing your religion:


Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to your mother?

Could Romeo have been disguised as another,

Simply passed over as just another lover?

Always searching for the ideal partner…



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Love lostpoem

A Cooks Wish

Praise me if you wish

For yesterdays dish

The meal you did not finish

The sauce your spoon would not tarnish

The dinner you did not touch when it was fresh

Saying now this dish smells of Melville's fish

Do not consume the meal when the chef's gone to bed

Pay me no compliments after the dogs are fed

Who wants recognition after they’re trodden;

After they are gallows led?


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poetryshortshort poem

It’s raining rose petals from the sky

It’s raining rose petals from the sky

There’s no one around as the town walks by

Blossoms on every tree on a treeless city street

It’s raining rose petals from the sky


I walk around love struck

With my head so high in the clouds

It’s a wonder I can see anything at all

It’s raining rose petals from the sky


If I'd wrote of all of my feelings

From a sea of Ink on ...

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loveLove Poempoem


Post the day to rest and I.

Gentle night come lullaby.

Whisper to my ear and kiss my eye.

Set free the stars to reign the night,

And wash away the day’s goodbye.

Cover me, let my dreams take flight.

Bring to me my love rejected

From my night reverie selected,

For days love dejected.

Entangle my cataleptic bed,

With visions of life that I’ve corrected.

Let her kisse...

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(4) 5-7-5 Haikus

Caught in these struggles

Like water finding its way

We will endeavor


Chasing his father

Walking within his footsteps

He lives in shadows


Resonating beauty

Walking on imported air

Formidably cool


Gracefully they move

Like Elephants swimming free

Above earth’s trappings

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Love should always be fashioned in pairs

Love must never be an alone accessory

Love should always be fashioned in pairs.

For it will then be dressed in loveliness -

and thus be exquisite and most fashionable.

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loveLove poempoemshort poem

Walk With me At A Distance

My Love,


Wanting to be nearer to you

I am writing you

That we might walk at a distance


It is my request

That each word on the page might hold you

(As I have held you)

I write them longing to be in your hold (your occupation)

Where we might breathe a placited, beautiful sigh - or two


Carefully I commission each word to the page

That they might be the ar...

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lovelove letterpoem

But For The Dripping

In his life,

Joyous events

Have been like small drops of water

Dripping into a bound persons mouth

Barley keeping them alive.



While being further tortured

By common experiences and lackluster events,

Wishing only to die,


For the dripping...

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Be Still Be Wild

Time is not concrete

Unless we meet

Then it runs free as a child

And all that be still

Be wild

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loveshort poem

Above it all

With my face buried in her hair

And my chest pounding at her breast

I am above the worries of things

Above the money and jewels of kings

Above the common suffering

Above everything

Above it all

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short poem

Oh what express – what

The empty page beautiful, blank like fallen snow waiting for a life to touch it.

(Sigh) The blankness mocks me. 

I long so to stain the page beyond the compass blades summit with ideas that encompass more than lands distance. 

Oh, to etch the slate with important gravity that excavates through touching everything above and below and without effort imposing itself on every thread that spin...

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Playing Charades with the Clouds

A fish, a boat, look, that one there’s a goat

Images sail across the sky

Images soften and morph by


A house, a can, look, that one there’s a man

It’s Mr. Keeter from down the street

And that bird was his feet


A clown, a duck, try with that one - good luck

It’s simple let your imagination fly

Besides lots of fun, give it a try


A laugh, a giggle, Look that o...

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Aurora Slept for Hours

Showered by the stars,

Snuggled next to Mars,

While cradled in the arm of the moon

Aurora slept for hours.


Dreams attached to comet tails

Run with reckless speed, full sails

To distant shores and pirate tales

Aurora slept for hours.


Away with the days troubles by sword and plank

Where men were judged by the ale they drank,

And the guilty without guilt where ...

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Have You Seen My Wayfaring Father

Have you seen my wayfaring father

He went astride before I was grown

He left our stead and my fragile mother

(He said he would not tarry long)

I summon him this decoration day


I left our stead late December

(With no ballast or chink in my pockets)

Across Mountain brook

Through thorn-ed bramble

To find him consorting with the abandons

I will not be swayed, this de...

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The Pessimist

A man, a philosopher thought he.

Decided to make a statement, you see.

To proclaim that he was an optimist.

And trying to make a believer of me,

This, simply said he:

"The world has to many pessimists."

I concluded, a philosopher or an optimist -

Neither was he.

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She only ever kisses me goodbye

I’m sure that I’m uncertain

And I might be in love

While she’s nearly committed

When she’s near to me

Then I realise

When she kisses me

she only kisses

(When she does)

She only ever kisses me goodbye

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Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Melt the snow - Reveal the dead

Free the hammer and chisel from the stone

Reveal the ground to free my head


Let me feel - Let me see - Everything stop glistening

Let the melting set me free - Budding branches on the tree

Kiss the world - Breakthrough flowers

Illuminate what’s devoured

Warm the waking - warm the growing hour - Illuminate t...

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Bullets from the soul (New Year's Resolutions)

Dodging and ducking,

Running and jumping,

Spinning down...

Life has caught a spirit.


A moment has caught a life,

A lifetime changed in a moment.

A child who is the man,

The man who was the child.


Climbing and sliding,

Loving and losing,

Falling down...

Bullets invade the man.


A soul is invaded by a bullet,

A bullet that came in a moment,

A m...

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Autumn Changes Me

entry picture

Autumn changes me

I grow stiff as a tree

The falling memories

Are piling all around me

And my color changes

Emptying into grey

I feel broken and cold

As the November rain

Turns into December Snow

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Agingpoemshort poem


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