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Hush now little seedling

Don't be afraid of the dark

You're going to grow and flourish

I'm giving you the best start.

You're going to be so beautiful

and do such wonderous things

You could be a saviour 

lets see what summer brings.

It's going to take some time

So be patient through the rain

You're part of a whole forest

Nature's whispering campaign.

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growthgrowing seedlife and nature


Was it the fire between my thighs

that scorched the ground?

Or the tears from my eyes

that salted the earth?


Do the sounds of my cries

linger on the wind?

Could you feel my hope as it dies

and rots the lives around it?


I am death

I'm coming for you

until all that surrounds you is dust and ash

Do you still think you are innocent?

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vengencerevengedeathinner strength


My face may not have symmetry

My skin may have spots

My belly may roll and wobble

My thighs may touch... a lot


Petals do not have symmetry

Mountains may have spots

The ocean may roll and wobble

The clouds they touch... a lot


I see the beauty of nature

Everytime I look at me 

I was handcrafted by goddesses

As is everything I see

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femalebody positivityconfidencebeauty

Speak up little girl

"The earth is round" She tried to shout.

But men didn't listen they locked her out.


"The world is flat" She heard men cry.

She'd argued till breathless, just left with a sigh.


But somebdy wrote it for it to be read.

It couldn't have come from a woman's head.


Then the men started screaming "The world is round"

The latest discovery a man had found.


The wor...

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Not all men are your enemy

Not all women are your friend

Forget the wars of pink and blue

The earth is near its end


Raise your weapons to fight for green

Sow your seeds

Plants, Flowers and trees

Whilst humans are fighting the earth bleeds.


We cut down the trees

To write words for our books

We kill the animals

Skin and eat for our looks


Everyone is...

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Perspective is a dangerous thing

It tears the world apart.

Though it causes terrible pain

There is wisdom to impart.


Do not assume your fellows see the candle as you do

Remember flames look differently to the both of you.

She sees the flame as hell on earth

with fear of fire that kills.

He sees the fire as lust and desire 

sees the flame as fun and thrills.



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no chance of prince charming,




a never ending cycle of diappointment 

you can't tear yourself away from 

just in the hope that Mr Right is as lost in this superficial swirl as you





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slowly slowly stronger

reaching slowly higher

building slowly taller

feeling slowly tougher

better slowly forward 

no turning back now



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the end

your eyes are empty 

words are blunt

even when you face the fire 

oblivious to the destruction 

so absorbed in your own world


you don't hear me as I scream for you to run

you feel like stone as I try to move you 

The heat is ripping through me 

and you're still sat, 

cold and stone 


do I burn with you or do I run

will you treasure my ashes  

or stay sa...

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Bad Day

today was a bad day

the sun didn't shine

and work wasn't great.


today was a bad day

but it didn't kill you

it barely touched you

it was a spring shower not a monsoon 


today was a bad day

but you can keep going

it won't slow you down

or cripple you

it wont make your whole body hurt

at the thought of living another second 

today was a bad day


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the wishing well

you felt owed by the world

you plunged your hand in the water

the cold shooting through your hand

you grabbed the first thing your fingers touched

that stolen coin you grabbed

just because you could

was my happiness

my wish


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when the rain stops

When the rain stops

what do you notice first?

Is it the silence after constant noise?

or the way the sky gets light?


When the rain stops

do you miss it?

do you wish to never see rain again?

do you long for a desert?


The rain is so important 

though you may prefer the sun

It gives us lush green landscapes

to relax and lay upon

So never wish for the dese...

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Feel the flowers grow

The sun upon your skin

The stars that kiss you softly 

The earth beneath you spin


Taste the sweet of happiness

 the joy within your win 

the bittersweet of victory

the sickly sweet of sin


Be proud of all your medals

Be proud of what you did

For you survived tragedy 

When you were just a kid


Feel the river flow

The rain upo...

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I'm sorry

sorry that I can't be better

sorry that I can't be exactly what you want

sorry I'm not perfect

sorry I meltdown at loud noises

sorry that I cry because I don't know what else to do

sorry that I can't please you like you want without seeing him in my head and feeling the panic again

sorry that I get angry at you for pushing me outside my comfort zone

sorry that my ...

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damaged goods

it's a body

purple marks and deep red lines litter the skin

it drags it's limbs

rasping breath

a name tag around it's neck 

marks it as being owned


it shuffles between the people

trying to hide 

they stare in disgust at its bare skin

their judgement disguising their involvement

 they know they did this

 they passed the scissors to him 

told him to cut the c...

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I'm not invincible

You're just weaker than you think

You didn't strike a fatal blow

You saw me fall I hit the ground hard

But I got up ready for round two


I'm not invincible

I just learned to survive everything

To embrace every drop of blood

Saw the beauty in my bruises

The symphony of my bones cracking

And I still knew I would win


I'm not invincible


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The Angels

I saw the footsteps of an angel

Within the deep pools of blood

No one noticed the scarlet halo

Because angels are meant to be good


No one mourned the demons

No one shed a tear

No one noticed the angels descend

Until there was nothing to feel but fear


The angels smiled as they hurt you

And laughed as our children cried

There were no demons left to save the pe...

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A letter to my Demon

For a long time after,

I didn't think I would ever find the words to describe what you took from me or what you did,

It became my biggest shame,

 Like every thrust you took added a 20 pound weight that I had to carry around with me after. I kept it hidden from everyone;

I worked so hard to keep it a secret because you made me feel like I deserved it.

I felt like you'd taken my fire,


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