The Bus Station

The Bus Station


Under a roof of opaque glass

there is the roar of engines

as buses arrive and depart

Pollution with diesel fumes 

pervades the air as people 

come and go.

Many with families destined

for holidays whilst others take

short or long haul journeys

An elderly lady sits on a

suitcase twice her size looking

disconsolately at those about her

A couple sleep resting their heads

on each others shoulders as their

bus has been delayed

Some gaze querulously at the

indicator board in anticipation 

for updated information

Occasionally a loudspeaker 

crackles into life to make

an announcement. 

Vending machines produce 

insipid coffee and unsavoury


A variety of dress displays

a multicultural scene with

sports jackets, a burkha or two

and some in shorts and T Shirts

Head sets and books offer

some distraction.

The desire of all is to get 

a move on, to begin their journey

and reach their destination

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 24th Dec 2017 15:22

I recall numerous Christmases working and the rest on
mandatory family visits. These lines capture the feeling
and especially the suspicion that when we "get away" we
are actually subconsciously getting away from ourselves and
our own lives for a brief moment in time.

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