Befriending Fear

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Fear comes in different forms.

Fear of love.
Fear of pain.
Fear of failure.

One day you overcome it like a true Olympian. Another day, it arrives on your doorstep ringing the bell unceasingly until it deafens your ears.

Fear of attraction.
Fear of lust.
Fear of judgment.

And you never want to hear it again. You hide. You run away. Beneath the sheets of a stifling world. Behind the curtains of everyone's play.

Fear of happiness.
Fear of success.
Fear of life.

When unexpectedly, you have everything that others do not have. But emptiness, nothingness. Drowning you and leaving you breathless. Still, you continue to live.

Fear of loss.
Fear of grief.
Fear of death.

Finally, you opened the door. Fright, angst, exasperation twisted the knob slowly. The door widely opened as it entered your abode. Allowing it to devour you. Step by step, bit by bit, aiming to end you. And you allowed it.

Fear of the past.
Fear of the present.
Fear of the future.

Yet it failed. You wondered. There, life was waiting. Memories, good or bad, rushed as you questioned. Tears was blinding you. But Fear remained, sitting comfortably on your couch, sipping a glass of your favourite wine, watching you like a scene on a melancholic satire.

Fear of uncertainty.
Fear of change.
Fear of fear.

Your eyes met. Hatred must have overwhelmed you as your gaze pierced through its. But it merely grinned at you. And you grew tired.

So you rose, walked towards it, and calmly whispered to its ears, "I can never stop you. So, be with me. Join me."



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Sun 2nd Dec 2018 23:16

Really enjoyed this Marianne! Really nicely crafted. Thanks for sharing. T.

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racha chafik

Wed 28th Mar 2018 00:56

its amazinglly wrriten marianne very beautiful

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Javis Tobias

Mon 1st Jan 2018 10:08

Beautifully written... A very powerful concept, as well!!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 29th Dec 2017 08:40

Nicely read and constructed Marianne. Well done.

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Marianne May

Thu 28th Dec 2017 12:13

Thank you very much, Leon! ?

<Deleted User> (17847)

Thu 28th Dec 2017 10:31

doubtlessly a much hard worked piece of brilliance Marianne

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