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Love Me Back

Why can't you just love me back?

You know it's the right thing to do.

Everyone knows we belong together.

Everyone except for you.

Why can't you just love me back?

I hate to play this game.

Though after all the push and pull

I love you just the same.

Why won't he just love me back?

I ask the moon up high.

And then I get an answer:

You have to say goodbye.

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I let my neighbors have a little Coltrane today.

I opened up my windows and let him take me away.

Funny that even the Crickets agreed

when Ellington showed up to take the lead.

They painted all colors of purple and blue

and showed me their little brown book too.

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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning,

where have you been?

I've been waiting for you.

If I couldn't have you

once a week

I wouldn't know what to do.

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Love is strong like hurricanes.

When it comes

it forces change.

When it's gone

we pick up all the pieces, anyways.

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Melting snow is mocking me,

falling from the roof.


"Don't you see this lovely day?

Why be so aloof?

By staying here inside,

what do you have to gain?"

Snow: imitating rain.

Me: imitating pain. 

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Not a Thing

I haven't had a word to say,

so I haven't written down a thing.

I haven't had a note to play

so I haven't had a song to sing.

If the day weren't so gloomy and gray

maybe I could find the spirit again. 

If the negative thoughts would stay away,

maybe I could pick up the pen. 

I haven't had a word to say

but we'll see what tomorrow brings.

As for here and now and today 


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Last night I had a dream

that stayed with me through the day.

Major life events must be happening your way.

Sometimes I feel what happens

long before it comes to be.

I wish you all the best, I hope that you're happy.

From one soul to another

I say congratulations.

But why am I still getting these notifications?

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Nobody Cares

Dear God, 

I thought you loved me too?

With so many smiling faces

why am I so blue?

Why do I not deserve

the happiness they have?

Is loneliness my destiny?

Is this my only path?

I treat others with kindness

and speak so carefully

but when the day is over

nobody cares for me.

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A sensuous breeze,

wind in the trees.

I couldn't resist.

Breathing in,

I close my eyes,

accepting the kiss.

(Alone I sit.)

What kind of love is this? 

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you look the way I feel.

I thought I found a love.

I thought it could be real.

But just like you 

it flew away.

Maybe some other day.

I have nothing left to say.

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Privately Poetic

Say these words aloud?

Never would I dare.

I closed my eyes

imagining that you were standing there.

I wrote down words of passion

and words that set me free.

I hoped for what could happen

though we could never be.

But on my notebook pages

I am free to roam.

You are here with me

and I am not alone.

I feel you take my hand 

and hold it ever tight

In my world...

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Summer Rain

Summer rain is gone for sure

with autumn knocking at my door.

I stepped outside and felt the breeze

my summer rain forever seized.


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White Night

                                         Written February 13,2010

I look out in awe 

at the beautiful gloom

A picture so pretty 

painted by whom?

Trees that once blew 

stand dreadfully still

being held hostage 

by the dark midnight chill

The air crisp and quiet

nature sleeps tonight

and pulls up her blanket 

of sparkling snow and ice

The moon watches now


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For You

I loved you like a child

in the purest way.

My only downfall 

was naieveté.

And just like a child 

there were things I didn't know,

feelings I never felt,

like seeds that hadn't grown.

Until you gave me rain

and they started to bloom.

The sun pushed away 

those clouds of gloom.

All of this took 

so much time to do.

Where are you going?

This garden was f...

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Mona Lisa

Waiting for love is discouraging.

A tedious and tiresome act.

I give in to temporary fixes

and take my own promises back.

I give each toad a chance

and before goodbye, a kiss.

The little girl I've always been 

looks back in hopes of a prince.

Though, all have not come rugged 

and many have had style.

I've given out sweet gestures

and Mona Lisa smiles.

All the wh...

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There's something that I need from you.

I hate to admit.

Your love is like a drug

that I will never quit.

It's not a drug that's draining 

or one that brings me down

but a high that has me lifted

up and off the ground.

Don't Look down.

See me here

and look me in my eyes.

Here these words.

They will help you realize 


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Dear, Moon

Dear, Moon

Will the pain go away?

Will I ever stop thinking about him by the day?

Call it what you may,

but it must have been real.

Though, the next day

he did say

no love did he feel.

My lips are sealed. 

Mocking the existence of those kisses. 

Now all my prayers and wishes are for him.

If we are never to be again,

then what must I do?

Dear, Moon?

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