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Love or Money

You can choose love or money 
You can let your love of money 
Take over your mind and soul 
But then you'll never be whole 

You can have your great wealth 
Place it at the top of your list 
Way above happiness and health 
But what if you ever get sick? 

You can take your bling bling 
To all the places people go 
Photographed with all things 
But what's after the big show? 

I ch...

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The world seemed white for a while
Even though some were roasting 
They fell so perfectly into their pile
Like soldiers from heaven rescuing 

They covered our sadness 
Glazed over the madness 
A distraction from dangers 
Landed beautiful strangers

The world seemed white for a while 
All the dirt and the darkness covered
By sparkling diamonds with style 
Over them we tentatively hove...

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Its tough.
Its tough.
Its tough. 
I've had enough 
Of all this stuff.
The media,
Mr Encyclopedia:
They're feeding me lies;
Repeating the same lines;
No idea about our lives. 
Giving me grief all the time.
Stay home. Stay apart. Save lives.
Fine. Okay. I'll comply 
But please tell me why 
Do you constantly defy
The signs that you get?
Honestly, no regret? 
I'm tired and...

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