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I am covered in art.

Take a second to let that sink in 


I am covered in the art of words.

They may be hidden on the skin that surrounds my body. 


But they are there. 


I know because I endured the pain it took to etch them across my skin. 


They tell a story. 


They have been created by a range of artists.

Which means that no style or font is the sam...

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The Sound that Destroyed a Room

Bing bang boom 

The lie was discovered in the room

Bing bang bong

All those that believed are gone 


What once was said can not be renewed 

Let this be a lesson for all of you 

The danger was not with the truth 

But instead the darkness that consumes 


Filling you up with your thoughts and connecting those imaginary dots 

Instead of floating higher, your pulled d...

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The “Great” War

November 11th came the day 

When everything was quiet and the world was saved,

Celebration flourished in the streets 

But not all those who wore smiles could bear the victory.


Fathers, brothers, sons, and friends did not come back from the horrors foreseen within.

The mud, and the blood stayed in their mind,

Creating monsters that wanted to dine.

Their stories were told a...

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Vanishing Souls

Vanishing souls 

are not made of gold 

Or sparkling things.

Tarnished and cold 

Is what we are told 

And we try and hide our feelings 


The price is not high for those who wish to fly.

But it's not the height we're afraid of- 

But the fall that will lead,

To destruction and chaos of everything we believe 


Stories get told of vanishing souls

That disappear ...

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Burning Buildings

The night was burning brighter than the day,

all that watched had nothing to say.

Their homes were destroyed and washed away

Leaving their souls to run and play


Notes and pictures flutter along by catching the attention of those too afraid to fly

Grounding them there, to stare and cry

Haunted by ghost of those left to die


Burning buildings created a light.

One we ...

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Because My Professor Can't Teach

The first line of the poem I heard while walking through my university's campus and from that I built upon the idea, hope you enjoy!


Because my professor can't teach I'm left to piece together a syllabus out of the whispers coming from the front seats, I show up to class early in hopes of changing my day, but it only ends in heartache when I can't seem to find my way. Through the chatter a...

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We never dreamed of war.

Our little bright child eyes,

But slowly and surely we watched 

As our toys became weapons 

And our rhymes changed into battle cries.

we were turned into men with black holes for eyes 


As we were morphing 

The countries were getting tense 

Watching each other like they would in a game of chess 

One would make a move the other would ponder wh...

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The Age of Technology

My name is no longer my given, but the url you see 

Yours will disappear in time, hidden behind a screen 


Every light and sound entices us,

Nothing is out of reach.

Colours blend in pixilated form,

Occasionally we will look away.

Unified it brings us together,

Never letting us believe we're alone.

Together we buy into the conspiracy,

Every single one, we see.


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The Abyss

There was a whistle in the air, 

Then silence everywhere.

A splash is seen,

Miles ahead,

Last I checked this ocean was dead.

But the sound grows louder 

And drowns out my thoughts 

Telling me to join below the rocks 

A simple slip would end the pain 

But I thought my life had more to gain 


I had hopes and dreams carved into my skin

Bleeding out and mixing with...

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Down, down, down. 

The fire girl is burning,

The smoke was once her dreams,

The higher that she got, the more we believed.

Her screams became weapons,

Made not for you or me.

But when a flame starts to grow, we all tend to see.

Her skin dripped and dropped,

In puddles all around,

Leaving us wondering what to do now.


Fire is dangerous, was drilled in our heads,


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The Field We Now Know

There once was a field covered in snow,
Where the grass would try to grow,
Youngsters would play and lovers would roam,
Red flowers were planted to make the place their own

The field became useful as the years went by, 
For it was used for war to fight the other side. 
Men came in with guns and machines,
No man’s land was the name it received

Trenches were dug to protect their own, 

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Swan Song

Life after dark, dark after light,
Angels before the fall, 
Lucifer before the fight. 
In a world where we crawl,
In the hopes to live in the light,
There we shall fall- 
To fight the final fight

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The air that we breathe

We are nothing but air.

Air that has been dried up and reused over and over again.

We believe we are more, because it is sad to think that we are made up of nothing but molecules,

Molecules that float around and around and around.

Sometimes I wish that the air would stop, and we could all be at rest,

While other times I cannot get enough,

I am just scratching at the surface gulpi...

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