Ode to my upper eye lid

You, elastic half moon,

You, cause of my doom

You, crumpled up leaf of an old dying tree

You, protector of my vision by which the whole world I see!

You, dragon guarding the mysteries of the world of my soul,

You, tired little thing losing your touch more and more!

At night, when only a few stars shine,

With insomnia, keeping me awake, you dine,

You, traitor of a life partner

You, exhausted hopeless garderner!

Watering my eyes whenever I'm sad

It does me no good because I get even mad!

You blink and let it all fall along with my dignity

And clad me to the world as a girl with too much sensitivity

You, wild untamed beast!

Upon my vulnerability you feast!

You, still my favorite facial feature

You, desperately trying to redeem this creature

I wish I could be better before I'm dead

To own with pride, every tear that you so mercilessly shed! 

◄ 'That' girl!

Wedding Night - what it will be for me ►


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