Seasonal Speculations

Welcome to the season of excess,

When insincerity displays a mask,

A false façade to hide the public face,

Disguising with a smile revulsion’s rage.

This travesty of tolerance and care,

That lasts but for the briefest tract of time,

Discarded when the fateful day has passed,

Resuming the routine of disregard.

A festival of friendship and goodwill,

Concealing the perceptions of distaste.

What purpose does this festive season serve,

Except to show we can for this one day,

With just a little planning and some care,

Suspend the conflicts garnered through the years?


Consider then, if we could do it once,

That maybe we could stretch it to a week;

And weeks could then extend and multiply,

Then all at once they’ve grown into a year.

How is this miracle to come to pass?

Who is it that will make the master plan?

We look around to find a volunteer,

While stepping back and keeping our heads low.

Our inability to take the tiny step,

And set ourselves out on this peaceful path,

Is driven by the fear that we will fail,

Compounded by the hubris in our hearts.

Just as a deluge starts with but one drop,

Why not decide each day to make a friend?

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Trevor Alexander

Mon 25th Dec 2017 21:05

Glad you like it Leon. And that's an interesting suggestion, but I don't think it fits the meter. Thanks for reading.

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Mon 25th Dec 2017 13:13

great observations here Trevor.What do you think of this?

Disguising revulsions rage
with the facade of a materialistic smile.
A travesty requiring my intolerance to be subdued with tolerance.......?

anything to be gleaned? or shall I get my red cloak?

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