When they gave him the Nobel Peace Award

"The first coloured president of the super power of the world"

The headline of every newspaper around, proudly said these words.

I wasn't sensible enough at the time to actually read between the lines

But I thought that this was supposed to be good, the world was finally moving to the right side!

But now I know that there are two sides of a coin,

The head and the tail are opposites and can never look alike

While the night sky in the States was garnished with fireworks

More than seven Muslim majority countries were bombed to ashes as just perks

Of him being president!

There is a species of carnivorous jungle cats in the Amazons thatmakes painful noises which attract the sympathy of the passerby,

It manipulates an innocent animal into its prey by using its empathy!

When they awarded Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize only months after he took the presidential seat,

I wonder how he used the color of his skin to attract sympathy from those around him

He received the award by saying 'There are many others more deserving of this than I am'

And I wonder if anyone in the hall of thousands could hear the inaudible shrieks of the child burried under the rubble miles afar!

Obama proclaimed to end gun violence but behind the curtain of innocence he pressed the buttons of thousands of drone controls,

In the year  2009 alone, approximately 797 Pakistanis were bombed to the ground in the name of Al Qaida

That is more than two people per day including women and children!

Who will answer to that boy who saw his father torn to bits when he asks if this is done in the name of peace?

The girl who was still in the age of wonder and innocence, will she ever regain the faith she was stripped of?!

Forget peace!

You have rattled these children's faith!

They are bound to be confused around the peace of mind they were born with

"God is real? Or is He not? Because if He was, wouldn't my father be alive?!"

What does the administration have to show for eight years of fighting on so many fronts?

Terrorism has spread

No wars have been won!

And the Muslim countries are consumed by more chaos and division than when Obama declared his opposition to the invasion of Iraq!

What a perfectly orchestrated ruse!

While the switch from US troops on the ground to air strikes and special forces has saved US lives,

Untold number of foreign lives have been snuffed out in these seemingly fortunate times! 

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