heads on spikes on london bridge

heads on mounts in castle halls

severed from humans and animals both

heads held high for all to see

for grim respect and symmetry

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kJ Walker

Mon 18th Dec 2017 23:11

Hi Ray. I tried to send you a link, but i am a total technophobe. If yo want a reference try googling Thomas Mowbray/ Archbishop Scropes. I think it's worth a read. (maybe not)
cheers Kevin

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Sun 17th Dec 2017 21:52

Thanks for your interesting comment Kevin. It adds a depth to the small lines I wrote and must resonate with you. It would be good to get a reference to that actual event . I have read books on capital punishment and York and Lancaster are writ large in the annals.


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kJ Walker

Sun 17th Dec 2017 00:30

I had to come back to this one Ray. I think that the taking of the head is worse than the killing itself.
I have researched my family tree, and have a tenuous link to someone who was executed for treason, and his head displayed on a pike outside monks bar York. his co-accused was the then Archbishop of York, he was also executed, but because of his standing he was given a decent burial inside the minster.


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Tue 12th Dec 2017 19:19

HI Jennifer. Thank you - Me in 1964. We can all dream! Glad you enjoyed this vignette. Sometimes I spend more time on the shorter ones (for impact) - good practise.

Yes Suki , a grim subject but its more my humour that i'm presenting. Glad you liked it.

Thanks Cynthia. History shown in sharp relief(from the dark side).

Mark, Yes how true - don't muck abaht with the powers what was !

I appreciate all your comments , a bit like cracking open a puzzle and difficult to elaborate on.

It's lovely too to get all the likes ! Col, David, 220 August and Beno.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Dec 2017 16:25

The lesson is plain:
For those who seek to come out on top...
Prepare to risk the drop or the chop! 😃

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 11th Dec 2017 20:00

Terrific little piece; history in x syllables. Who needs books?

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suki spangles

Mon 11th Dec 2017 10:07

A fabulous antidote the the Christmas carol!
Good work Ray!


jennifer Malden

Sun 10th Dec 2017 13:48

Hello Ray! Your 'youthful' photo is quite something! Liked Heads and tales. Gruesome and concentrated, and food for thought.

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