Albert Lemmon Sees The End.

The world don't end the way y'all think it do.
It ain't no alien invasions, or no world wars or no crap like that. And it ain't no natural disasters or prophecies neither... 
And, it wasn't really all the way over when it seemed to be all over. 
Trust me, the end was only just beginnin'...
Let me tell it how I seen it, again and again. It was 0930 on Monday, July the 4th, in the year 2,067A.D....

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Original Short StoryBy Javis TobiasFictionEnd Of Days


From 2,000 and now
Until 2,000 and when ever...
I'mma keep it pressin',
My endeavor...
New World Order
Wanna bring it all together.
H.A.A.R.P Technology 
Controllin' the weather...
Yeeeah, it's a conspiracy
From Lincoln to Kennedy.
And it's gon' be plenty more, 
From here until infinity...
Every 3 hundred and sixty centuries
Humankind is aligned
With the ori...

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breathepoetry 2010words

Back To Infinity.

I have seen our souls escaping,

In my dream state. 

Bearing witness as they swiftly drift through the night breeze with ease and it nearly appears as though they are...



precarious steps across the sands of time but before the hands of time they were headed toward the City of Lost Ways, located deep inside of a jungle which has somehow lost its days, and yet the su...

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Back To InfinityLovesong66 billion hours a dayJavis T.

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