I'm worried about the presents this year,

I used to give money, but now it's clear

that the giving of objects seems more sincere,

so i'm worried about the presents this year.


I'll have to find out from Roger or Paul

whether Tanya is allergic to perfume at all;

if so, then those slippers with animal heads

i'll get with coupons, they look rather cool. 


I'm worried about the presents this year,

with technology leaving one breathless I fear.

Tommy's determined, he's made it quite clear

that an X box is coming, the latest gear. 


And i'm worried about the cost this year

and the traffic and queues, you know how it is;

it's only October but you know what it's like -

last year we bought Jack a safety bike,

but his legs have got so long this year


so i'm worried - it won't quite fit him

and it's been in the rain,

but his dad just shrugs;

he knows that I worry and never complain

(only in public or over a wine).


By the way what does Douglas drink these days?

it's gin this year, I think, I think. 




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Tue 2nd Jan 2018 20:20

Nice to see your comment Hannah ! I think we've all been through it so thanks.

Great to get your likes, Col. David and Hannah!


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Hannah Collins

Tue 2nd Jan 2018 16:42

Love this poem.
''It's only October but you know what it's like''


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Wed 27th Dec 2017 11:00

HI Jennifer. It seems this is an international problem. A sort of attempt at bonding perhaps . For kids - yes; for adults - less certain! Post brexit, who knows?

Thanks David. We do what we can of course, but just giving money seems like a quick fix. A couple of Lynn's friends seem to re-cycle old presents inappropriately, so that can fall flat.


jennifer Malden

Mon 25th Dec 2017 18:01

Nice! exactly what happens! In my family we only give presents to the kids/teenagers, and if anything only small token presents to the adults, like something to eat/drink, or a olant etc. Otherwise it becomes a real tour de force.

Hope you have a good Xmas and N year, Jennifer

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Mon 25th Dec 2017 11:14

Good sound idea about the vouchers Mark. Regrettably I sent some last year and a postie must have cut the envelope and removed them leaving the Xmas card intact. So beware ! Thanks and have a nice Xmas.

Thanks Collin too - I hope you have a good time over the holiday.


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 24th Dec 2017 15:29

Neatly summing up the annual Christmas conundrum for
many of us. I now restrict individual gifts for close family
in the knowledge of what is asked for/suggested. The
rest (extended family) get gift vouchers to treat themselves
according to their own preferences at the time. No complaints so far!!

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