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Sleep has become a luxury item in Harrods 

It is something that I see and wish to own for myself yet can not afford 

Instead I am stuck with my budget supermarket smart price, reduced, on offer, buy one get one free, bargain bucket naps at a time I need to repair both my mind and body. 


I have become a Theresa May and Donald Trump follower in a bid to count such sheep o...

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Not Today ...

Unable to talk and explain from this rope of turmoil around my neck. Solitude becomes my rescue plan as my Isolation acts as a comfort blanket 

My back against the wall, finding the dark to hide like vermin I find a corner so I can pretend  I’m not here 

This, my escape from the day turning the sound down to hear my thoughts rattle in my head... confusion, conflicting advise... shhhhh be qui...

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The Stranger

Maybe it was the sudden drain of colour from his cheeks, that I started to notice over the last few weeks 

The vacant expression id started to see in his eyes, like the person he was, the glint that dies

His shift in body weight as he had gone from walking heel to toe 

Was more a shuffle, a dragging, just no up and go


Clean shaven, his fresh scent 

Had been replaced with worn c...

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??Love isn’t a choice it’s what we’re programmed to feel 

You can’t hide it forever 

No ones hearts made of steel 

Yes superman tried and he fell for Lois Lane 

Only 007 was a sinner because he kept playing the game 

But long lasting love is a one time thing 

It’s something that when it starts ends in a ring 

Let your love find a home 

Let your heart and soul find a place t...

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wife’s anger

Approach with caution 

When you insist on pushing my button 

Your behaviour is drastic


I won’t settle for failure 

This is not in my nature 

Your voice is loud but I can scream louder 

Carry on as you were and it’s you that will shudder 

Effect my emotions 

You won’t see my submission

You’ll wake the bitch inside 

I won’t go and hide

I’ll fight...

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I was confused


Didn’t know how to address the situation. 

So I walked away 

I saved my heart and refused to stay 

I stoped the tears and refused the fear that I wouldn’t manage alone 

I showed myself it was ok to turn my heart to stone 

And now I’m smiling 

The sun is shining

I made myself a rainbow in the storm 

Told myself this it’s like being reborn 


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You may go and I’ll watch with a heavy heart 

As I see you turn from where we were at the start 


I’ll be stood in this place where we were once stood close

Where our lips pressed together, where I held on to your clothes


I’ll remember the feel of the skin against mine 

Your breath in my ear , in my mind I’ve developed a shrine 


Is that alright for you?...

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Lips Lock

Lips lock 

Tongues touch 

Biting, teasing

My physical crutch 


Ruffling hair

Nails hard through skin

Faster pass as I breath you in 


Caressing my breasts 

As I feel you enlarge 

Scratch your back 

Pulling you in 

Taunting words in your ear 

Making you grin 


Lock me down in the bed by my hands 

Before gripping my throat

Using me as an ancho...

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No addiction, no affection just an infliction. 

Saddened, abandoned, no understanding 

Remorse just my body contort in the saturation of my tears, fears from things I hear


Distaste, a waste an action in haste 

Demise, despise as my retched throat spits out the lies 


This is the wrong path, a cold bath with shivers over my skin 

Leave me out of this place, no light,...

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Quick Romance

Messages keep us alive 

When the silence fills the room

The sound of your messages act as a revive 

They allow me to feel your closeness, to share a moment that cannot be spoken 

A word, an emoji or a gif image 

To share what we have is more a privilege 

The phone beeps and I’m there in the moment

What we have and share is more a commitment

Time goes by, just 40 minutes is ...

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In rich new fields of untouched lush greenery 

I shall drag the old dead cow with me

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Boxes of life

There’s a box from when she was four stood out in the cold at the school door 

The first day which should of been excitement was replaced by fear, digging her hands deeper into the pockets of that new blue coat before a bird shit down the front and ruined that moment now just an anecdote.


There’s a box from when she was twelve 

When her grandad died, as she came down stairs from the ...

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my dreams

Frozen in this moment of time 

Let me take your hand and entwine it with mine

Let me hold you close as the clock stays stopped  

Before reality starts and my heart will drop 


Stay with me in this enclosure of ours 

Let nobody in to let it rain on our skin 

Please stay with me in the moment in time 

Don’t let go don’t let those win 


Let me show you the world from a...

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Mental Health

Darkness doesn’t pass it just becomes different fragments of light Maybe over minutes, hours or days it can seem bright. As I sit twisting my short hair around my finger wondering if 4 days unwashed is a concern If the clothes I’ve not cleaned, that I sit in, does it really matter?

  I can raise a smile yet a tear falls quicker, overflowing my eye lashes, warm on my cheek, never alone as anothe...

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That’s when you find it

It’s starts with a flutter like butterfly trapped inside your chest, gently moving raising the euphoria 

Then the aching begins from within slowly at first like a train setting off from its station, slowly gathering momentum before the feeling changes and an avalanche of aching and fluttering happens simultaneously 

Beads of sweat gathering like dew on crisp morning leaves

But it comes an...

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Don’t ask me

Are you forgiven ? Are you asking me this? 

You think I am the person to honour your wish? 

To grant you the freedom from your bad decision? 


Oh no you have to live with yourself 

Not ask for my permission 


Can you look in the mirror and be happy with what you see? 

Is the person looking back at you, who you wanted to be? 


Do you show compassion

Do you show l...

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Tell me the song and I’ll play it for you 


No!!!, I don’t know any, just play what you want to do 


Oh come on!! there must be a favourite song you like?, what do you listen too when your on your own at night? 


((Do I tell him the truth? ... the song that reminds me of him, how my heart makes my tears roll down to my chin? 

I can’t tell him the song I long him to sing , h...

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To be a Nobelman or pauper?

As I stand here in my Sunday best 
I can reflect on the things I've achieved as I look at my family crest 

As I stand her wearing all the clothes I own, I'm greatful for the things I've done ... And what I've shown 

Looking at the image in the mirror, the gold around my neck and the rings on my finger ... I see the wealth and my contagious figure 

Looking at the image in the mirror, I se...

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Malaria and dengue are among the main dangers of stagnant water, a breeding ground for the mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

Stagnant water can be dangerous with many kinds of bacteria and parasites that spread with ease.

A spring is a place where water naturally flows. Not only do springs come in different forms, but they also come in different sizes. 

Water from springs is usually c...

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The Street

The monkeys in the parlour banging on a drum
The child is skipping in the yard, watching having fun. 

A boy of only seven dressed in his Sunday best Is chasing the can down the street, all his friends look on impressed 
The mistress is getting ready, with her lipstick shocking red, 
slowing pulling up her stocking and putting perfume upon her chest.

The old ladies washing clothes again...

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2015 is coming to an end 
2016 will you be my friend? 

Take away my lying friends
The girls made up like dolls
The gobby cows
The social media trolls

The girls that can't walk in stiletto shoes
That look to me like constipated statues

Those weird HD brows and over highlighted cheeks 
Fish pouts on Facebook and their lovely critiques 

The boys with their arses on show with low slu...

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I'm going to turn you into a warrior but I won't give you a badge of honour

I'll take you to a point where you want to die ... When you say enough is enough ... When all you can do is cry 

I'll make you feel like every bone is broke ... To just stand up tall will feel like a huge joke 

But please remember as I take away your nails and all your hair 
I'm only doing this as I really do car...

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I'm as quiet as a mouse hiding under your floor and as quick as a spider through an open door 

I can get graded like an achievement but it's not one you'd like 
The higher the grade will give you an awful fright 

But don't worry I won't hurt you as I consume all your cells .. As I bring down your immune system and take you to hell 

I may give you a lump.. A bump or a kiss on your skin 

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lost love pt 2

I don't know if I trust you 
I don't know if you should 

The pain you bring to this relationship is from your childhood 

The messages you sent of hate 
I know, please don't say it's too late 

My heart is heavy and I'm starting to shake 
Can't see you see how you have broke me this is just heartache 

I watch you fall and I know it's my fault 
I broke your heart with a heavy assault 


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I'm waiting for the snow to cover all the ground
To watch the flakes fall silently as they do without a sound 

I'm waiting for the snow to hide all the countries imperfections 
To cover all the trace of dirt in bright illumination 

I'm waiting for the snow to fall to brighten all the land ... To take our minds away from war, and all the hate the government plans 

I'm waiting for the sno...

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Blah blah!

I'm not a writer, I just have thoughts in my head 
I like to spill them out but they are never really said 

Somehow they rhyme but not always well... It depends on the day, my emotions, how I feel in my shell.

I try to be chirpy and happy inside 
But the flow of my words brings out sadness I sometimes hide 

I'm not lyrical or a poet, I'm just me with a few words 
Just stories I write t...

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As I lay to sleep

The cold chilly air whispers through the gap in window
Making the curtain move to make many  a shadow 

Traffic is quiet on the street, yet I can hear the faint noise from the motorway as I lay in bed waiting to sleep

A woman's shoes tapping on the pavement as she makes her way home 
Marching on with the dim light of her phone 

A wind chime tinkles on a neighbours porch 
Reminding me of...

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William Green

I can remember how soft you felt 
Loose skin... Like it was going to melt
Dark marks where old age had kissed your hands 

Strong firm in your hold... Still the youthfulness when you held me in your mold
Patterns on your nails beds of the dryness in your hands

Lines telling stories of touch untold 
Grains embedded in from the things you hold 
The weathering brown marks of the sun on your...

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You lied

Peel back....Unwrap

Mouths close ... Arms fold

All remember the lie you told 

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Take my body
Strip it bare 
Lay it down to rest 
In the open air 

Watch me lie
The deepest sleep 
No grave can hold me,
No matter how deep

When it's my time
 lay in the earth
No soil can cover me 
This will be my rebirth. 

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Lost Love

There just words he said....

It's what's in my heart she said...


Letters into words... Words into verse leaving ur head and seeing them disperse 


Unheard unseen unfelt.... The sound will melt


So look in the windows of my soul, look into my eyes 

See the emotion within where there are no lies 


Look at me she said

I am he said 


Emotion on my face ... ...

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It's not my job to fit into society 

It's your job to accept me and let

Me feel free 


An open mouth to say what I choose to dress now I like it's not my individuality I'll loose 


Your judgemental ways makes me an outcast 

Not accepting my piercings and tattoos ... You living in the past! 


Life's not a debate where you change, adapt and mould

It's a way of life ....

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Look up

Look up and see the sun on your face

Feel the warmth on your skin as soft as lace 


Hear the birds in the trees singing their song from early morning light all day long


The rivers flow fast and free... Dip your hand in the icy water and feel what you see


The crunch of leaves under foot

The quacking noises from a duck

A baby giggling in a pram 

The sweet barrr fro...

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Tom doesn't give a shit

I have anger issues but i don't hate 

Id rather have takes away and stay up late 


My diary isn't full of plans and things to do

It's a blank page of spontaneity not remembering the what, why, where's or who 


I do random acts and I challenge those around me 

Not sit in the corner and pretend to be a lady 


I've ditched the heels for boots, the trousers for leggings ....

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Self absorbed and selfish 
Narsasistic.. Unrealistic

Think, stupid, 
Ignorant unpleasant 

Degrading, no morals 
Rude, crude 

Nasty, evil
Bitter, a shitter

Mr Clatty I'm free of you ... Your lies... I'm wise... Your mouth... My good health 

You tried to break me but instead YOU MADE ME! 


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There just words he said....

It's what's in my heart she said...


Letters into words... Words into verse leaving ur head and seeing them disperse 


Unheard unseen unfelt.... The sound will melt


So look in the windows of my soul, look into my eyes 

See the emotion within where there are no lies 


Look at me she said

I am he said 


Emotion on my face ... ...

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I'm not the medicine they put inside

I'm not the scars I try to hide

I'm not a number on a waiting list 

I'm not the needle going into my wrist


Don't call me the girl that once was Ill

Don't call me the girl struggling up that hill

Don't call me the girl who once was lighter

Don't call me the girl who's a survivor or a fighter 


My mum named me my name to be known ...

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The future?

The unknown is scary but would we want to know our future our fate?

Would it change the way we live until we got to that pearly gate? 


Would we love more and hate less? 

Try to put right our wrong or visit church to confess?


Or just fight that fight go through the stages of grief? 

For the days we have left try to turn over a new leaf? 


No...that's not right to wai...

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