sweetheart in b flat (12/30/2017)

"bang bang bang"
Vors mouthed this under his breath with every hit to the heavy bag. 

Jab jab cross, chasing and following lines with his eyes, snap-raising a forearm check between an exterior triangular step. 
"Bang Bang bang"
His aching bones creaking and stiffening, hardening and softening like the bows of a great ship, destined overseas, long ambivalent to pain.
"Bang bang bang"
Jab cross jab, internal elbow check into hypothetical armpit or ribcage or throat and chin between an interior triangular step, dropping his now-considerable weight.
"Bang bang bang"
Cutting down his enemy:
his mortgage payments, his alimony in the seperation , the temptation of drink and drugs and sex -- all orange pylons to leap around and over, to triangle step beyond like a dance
"Bang bang bang"
like the marriage so desperately trying to save -- short body hook, step back to shovel hook, Bob, weave in, cross elbow, bob, check--
"Bang bang bang"
She knew what she was getting into, long hours at the studio, at the range, at the gym, at the track, after-hours at oddjob, cleaning up blood, sewing up stitches, pulling broken teeth
"Bang bang bang"
Later than late nights sitting or pacing at the foot of the bed, by the crib room, chain-smoking in the garage, a thousand miles from home even in the little time Vors' body, his tired and scar form , seems to be right there. 
"Bang bang bang"
She left him so often but loves him too much to stay away 
"Bang bang bang"
Just one more job and we can move away--short double check, two short straights thru a fading front snap kick
"Bang bang bang"
Just one more job, just one more and we can move to the country, we can pay for braces music lessons--long piercing, instep weave, weave-pivot, jab-straight
"Bang bang bang bang bang bang"
Just ONE more job 
Just one more job
Just one more job
We'll never have to work again
Jab jab jab cross, weave and drop, mid-elbow, rise to short upper, reeling, backspin and fade to jumping reverse turning kick--execute
Cutting down his enemy; Cutting down himself 
A leaner, truer Vors. 
A cleaner, better life.

Vors sweetheart heavy bag

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