Some Facts About Myself

I was born on October 24th, which is the first day of scorpio,
I never understood why I had to be related to the parasite that poisons other people,
I don't know if i should be happy about it or not!
I love spicy noodles, lots of coke and rafaelo chocolate,
I enjoy the meal my mother makes after spending a lot of time in the kitchen to fill my plate!
I love the feeling I get when someone is happy because of something I do,
Also, I love to sit on my bed and fantacise about Captain Wentworth with me too...
I know I don't say thankyou as often as I know I should,
And I know that I have dreams that will never leave their dwelling in my eyes...
I am a girl who has always wanted to be a boy,
To be free of all the punchlines, all the chains, all the darkness brought by this body,
I know not how to act coy,
And my straight-forwardness is the reason for many of my curses, honestly!
Opression and submission, I have inherrited by the title of my gender,
And if I am to not respect this part of me, I am accused of misbehaviour!
I asked three questions in my class today and every one of them started with the words 'I'm sorry'
I am tired of my melanin making my decisions for me!
My pride is often taken as arrogance, my smile judged for being satire,
And I can't even tell if someone is actually trying to compliment me,,, or is it just the former!
My hobbies include, finding better comebacks for already finished conversations, regretting things I had done in the past and trying to assure my reflection that I am someone worth imitating!
I know that it sounds crazy but sometimes, I wonder what my eyes think of me when I make them drink away all the floods inside of them,
I wonder what my lips say about me when I coax them to smile and laugh against their will!
I don't know much but i do know this:
I know I take too much revenge on this body given to me as my slave,
I know I don't allow myself to cry as often as I need to!
I know i don't appreciate the things around me as much as I should,
And I also know that one day, I will embrace my existence in its truest self and be the happiest flower in the orchard!!

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