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Trapped in the Abyss of Life


Some days it feels like

I'm falling into an abyss...


No way out

From lifes trappings


Freedom is what I seek

What we all seek...


From every kind of slavery and oppression...





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What is poetry?


Except gifts of truth

And pieces of minds

All wrapped up in words



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Stormy Weather


You don't know it yet


But I am a storm coming


Beware of my wrath...

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True love


If its yours

You won't ever need to chase it


It will find you when you least expect it

And you won't ever need to ask it to stay

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What goes around comes back around


Karma is a bitch my friend

And she will certainly come knocking


I'll just sit back and watch you

Its not worth doing anything else



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Home sweet home...

Its where the heart is they say...


But what if my heart is a million miles away?

What if its with everyone I love?


Home can't be everywhere

But you can find it in the hearts of those who love you



I feel most at home when we smile together

When we hug

Making you happy is my drug

It's when I feel most alive


I can't wait to go ...

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Sometimes all you need is a bit of distance

To see things and people as they truly are



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For the Pain


I'm not sure what you're going through

I'm not sure who you are


I have no idea what you're doing

Or exactly where you are


The only thing I know is this

I wish I could take away your pain

I wish you didn't need to experience it


The only thing I have to give you is this 


All I can offer you is a smile

My thoughts

Some words

And prayers



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I have none

I've taken more than enough risks

Its either fear or pride that stops you from doing the same


I can walk away having no regrets

But can you do the same

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Something about You

entry picture


What is it about you

That keeps me here


Do you think its your pretty face

That's not all you are


Maybe its your silly ways

That makes me smile

Some days


But that's not really it either

Its more 

Your swelling heart

That wants everyone

To feel the love

That you too desire 

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Baby steps


You might find exactly what

You crave


If you would be so brave

To take the first step


Towards meeting somewhere

Along the way

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That kind of a day


Maybe we both need someone 

To come home to


Let's not think

Let's not talk

Let's just find comfort in each other


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Actions speak louder...

When two people can't meet part way today

They won't be able to meet halfway one day

And go the distance someday

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Break the Cycle


It's not that I don't want you...

It's only that I can't stay in this self destructive cycle


Not knowing if its me you want 

Not knowing if this is in my head


You were supposed to meet me part way

But you never did...






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Deaths Awakening



Death puts Life

Into perspective

What's important to you

What's important to me


It reminds us

That time is not on our side

We shouldn't keep hiding

From the truth

From our truths


Live each moment

You never know

Which one may be our last


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No Winners


I decided to let go

And make him my past

My present decided to walk off too

Making me a passing thought


Theres no winning 


Perhaps the future might stay

I lose hope

In these fickle hearts



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Once more


Just when she thought

She'd found some truth


He went and showed her

It was never truly hers



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Letting go


I let you in a little

And you let me down a lot


I don't know exactly what you've been through

You never let me in enough


I've cried a little

But I know that what we had

Was never enough


I decided to stop waiting

For you

To let me into your life and heart

Now I'm letting go

Of "us"

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Just a little

You weren't that deep

Its true

But I let you in a little

As I'm prone to do


Now I see you around

And we're strangers again

You're a little more broken

But its not me who's to blame


I know i kept trying for you

And you kept idly watching


Maybe one day you'll realise what you let go

I guess we both know

We're not each others happy ending

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Back and Forth


One step forward 

Two steps back


We're back to square one again

And I'm so tired of these games


Even the most patient of people have their limits

This cycle can't go on forever


If nothing changes

I must



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Lost Souls

entry picture

We're all a bit lost

Waiting to be found

Trying to find ourselves


Which path to take...

Which relationship to forsake...

What's real and what's fake...


Can't I just drown you in a lake

Shake you awake

Wrap you in my comforting embrace


We're all tired of this limbo

This confusion we've fallen into

This cycle we're stuck in


Let's all just say w...

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That kind of love....

entry picture


We've all fallen before 

And we've all been hurt before 


We've all loved too much

And not been loved enough 


We've all broken hearts before 

And left scars we abhor


There's nothing wrong with us

Our scars are just a small part of us

A part of who we are 


We need to love the pretty parts

Along with the beautiful scars


Only then will we ...

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Meet you there...

entry picture


You're okay with stalking me

But you're not okay with talking to me?


So which one of us has the bigger issues here?

Thanks for making me smile though

And for your words of wisdom


Its appreciated

Even though its not the compromise we both need



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Dreamy Dreamer


I love your loving dreams...

But what if nothing is as it seems?


Heal before you leap into love once more

I too don't want to break anymore...


Your words are truly beautiful

And I've longed to hear the like of them


But do dreams really come true?

And is it really me that's meant for you?

Or are we both just longing for something?

Time and actions will...

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True Colours of You


Your true colours have come to light

And its not a pretty sight


Not the colours of the rainbow

But ugly shades of lies


The anger and indignation has dissipated a little

For you never got close enough to reach my soul


You were not that deep

So now I can finally and happily put our brief encounter to sleep



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Hearts and Minds



Your heart and mine

Both broken
Both forsaken

But what others do you carry in yours?

And what do you know of mine?


My heart is big but it only has room for one at a time

If yours is pure

Is it for me or another?


Enough of all the lies

The games


The thing about sparks is they don't last unless you keep kindling the flames

I just need somethi...

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The tears have dried

I have no more left to cry

I'm numb

Feeling a bit dumb as well


For letting you get to me

Letting you creep into my heart a little

I'm not in love

But perhaps I was starting to get attached...


So quickly?

So easily?

Yeah I'm a sucker like that...


In my defense you did say all the right things...


Your expert lips... An...

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Something Real

Nothing is real anymore 

Not hearts

Not minds

Not thoughts

Or intentions


It would be wiser to let go of everything and everyone who may not be real...

Only hope is such a hard thing to kill...

It lives on still...


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Praying for an end to the Night


She asked herself what was wrong with her

More times than she could count

And each time the answer was the same

There was none...


Why did she feel so much?

Care too much

And love so much




So much

Yet nothing was ever enough 

Nothing was ever right 


Still... she tried not to forget 

That it can't always be night


And she prayed...

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Choose Light


Delve a little deeper

You might find strength you never thought you had

And light from sources you never imagined 

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Sleep evades me of late

Is this the price one pays for opening their heart and mind?


The price of ones sanity...

Its a high price

I'm not sure I'm willing to pay in stress and unrest

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Way Forward


You don't need to be perfect to impress me

I can already see that you have a beautiful soul


But even so I cannot knock against a closed door once more

When you have not done your part


If you are to keep choosing safety

We will keep moving forward in opposite directions

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Unspoken Words



I write things that few people get to see

The vulnerable parts of me...

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The Rest


You showed me the best of the best

Now I'm stuck with all the rest...

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You and me



When things are as mucked up as can be

I know that all thats left is just You and me...

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More than this (more of a monologue than a poem)


I see you trying but its not enough

I need more than this

You won't move an inch

So why get upset when someone else does?

Am I supposed to be content with your breadcrumbs forever?


Adults shouldnt have to be told how to behave


I never pretended that I would wait forever

And you never pretended to care

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What is the point of love?

When its unrequited

What is the purpose of love?

When it's uninvited


What is the point of love?

When its misplaced

What's the purpose of love?

When its erased


We wander on...

Longing to quench this thirst for love

But all that's there to find...

Is a mirage in the desert

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Come what may

Come what may

I'm still okay 


Although you are too afraid of what might be

There's still something about your eyes 

That makes me wonder what you hide inside 


I should be angrier 

And yet I'm only vaguely annoyed 

Perhaps I'm finally learning control 

Or I could just be numb


I won't wait

Not because you advise against it

But because life is too short...

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Mind Games


I grow weary of these games

Perhaps you are just more of the same...


It was once cute 

Your subtle messages

Now its more of an illusion

Or perhaps Delusion


It's time for tiny risks to grow up to be adult ones 

Or perhaps its time for being strong 

And moving on...

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Bittersweet Awakening


Unexpected rain

Welcomed by the arid earth

You wafted into my life

Like a breath of fresh air after the cooling summer rains


As unexpectedly as you came

You stirred up forgotten flames

Burning passions I'd thought were long extinguished or at the least only dwindling embers


But alas nothing is built to last in this life

You went as swiftly as you came


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Let's Part dear Crazy Heart

Falling Apart

Falling Apart

My Life

My Heart

Always falling apart


From head to toe

I'm a mess

But you would never know

I don't have a clue which way to go


I need you now...

Your tranquillity to calm my restless soul

Don't fail me now...

I have no other to shield and protect me 

From this crazy mess that is


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Weary Traveller


These days her eyes are often filled with tears

Her mind with sadness and fears

You grow weary of this world fellow traveller


The extra mile, the extra smile

Is it really worthwhile?


When indeed will this journey end? she asks 

And where?

Heaven or Hell or will limbo be your abode?


Wherever it may be fellow traveller

In truth we both long for the fina...

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Know This



When I missed you

You knew

When I loved you

You already knew


Your quiet confidence could never be mistaken for arrogance

That was the calibre of your character


When we were parting

I think you already knew


I hope you know 

That I seek you out when the darkness fills my life

Your memories remind me of the light


Know this

You are my l...

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No Happy Ending



Sometimes I feel like there are no happy endings 


He lied

You died

We tried

He hides


Sometimes I feel like this is my happy ending 


No lies

No crying

No trying

No more searching




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Graves Rest



Final Peace

Final Rest

My home at best


Maybe this time I pass the test

Meet me once more at graves rest



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I dream only of You




I dreamt of you in a garden

Beautiful and Free


Your face filled with Light

Your heart with Peace


I was gladdened and pained to see you there

Gladdened by your bliss

But pained by the distance


Is it disturbing that I still imagine being with only you?


Our story ended before we could even begin...

I hope that when we meet once more there ...

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Seek on


Oh Seekers of Knowledge!

Oh Seekers of Truth!


What is it that you truly seek?

What is it that makes you unique?


Is it Purpose perhaps?

Is it Peace?

Or is it Release?


Keep pressing on

Keep searching


Perchance you might find

What it is that you truly seek




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Hole hearted


There is a longing for something more

To fill this hole


Though I am not unwhole


There is a certain something missing

Thats beyond my control




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Misunderstandings of the Heart


My mind knew that we could never be

Yet my heart still hoped


My soul knew it had found a mate

Yet fate brought us together a little too late 


The truth will set you free

But that was not the reality


A misunderstanding of the heart

A different truth

A different lie 


Live yours

I will live mine

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