Not Worth It

I'm not worth it

I am never enough

Always first dropped

The last to be picked

For once I'd like you to say no

But I know it causes you pain

And I am not worth enough

To put you through that

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Just smile, love

For it's a new day.

Bright and warm.

Let it wash away

The stress of yesterday.

Smile, dear one.

Experience the joy

That comes with the evening.

Quiet and pure.

Let the peace fill you.

Smile for there is

No better time to be alive.


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Love me, Hate me

But know that you

Saved me

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Everyone needs a


Everyone needs a


To grow, To overcome

Without them, we are


But not everyone becomes the


And not everyone becomes the


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What To Do

You are wonderful

And kind

And all the things

I thought I would

Never have


I am broken and cruel

And I fear I will

Hurt you with my

Dispassionate heart


Oh, what to do.

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How can I trust you if I don't even trust myself?

Do you know how hard it is to keep the demons at bay

And know that they'll never go away?

How do I know that you won't get hurt?

I try to keep them away, I really do,

Because there's so much I can lose.

I try to keep them to myself,

But they refuse to be put on a shelf.

They claw and they fight

Just so they can see the li...

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We Tried

We tried to right what was wrong.

But we couldn't hold on long.

We tried to fight for what was right.

But we failed under the enemies' might.

Pain and suffering, despair and greed.

That was their creed.

Freedom and safety, love and honor.

That was our banner.

Try as we might,

They won't give us our rights.

Exiled from our homes,

With the cold deep in our bones,


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He Is

He's fire, passion, and embers burning bright.

My skin scorches whenever he walks by.

He's a heavenly delight, full of grace and light.

My heart soars whenever he glides by.

He's the shadows of the night, full of secrets and frights.

My heart thunders whenever he stalks by.

He's the air in my lungs that fill me with each needy breath.

He is my everything that sets my soul alig...

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