I possess a troubled soul along with many others

which searches for rest and ease

for a spirit of tranquility

in a world which is saturated in torment


I do not yearn for fame or wealth

or any particular sense of achievement

only to find peace and creativity

where I can be alone and free


I search for a place of contentment

liberated from a cacophony of perpetual sound

uninhibited by false expectations

for a natural life to develop my true being


I adore the beauty of nature

the gentle rhythm of the world about

Flowers, trees, the call of wind and sea

ordered since time immemorial


We have all come so far from our origins

we have created our own misery

our own feelings of frustration and malice

as we pursue all that is false and worthless


A guiding hand is behind the scenes

it is dark, sinister and manipulative

capable of unbridled deceit

as it weaves a web of evil

about us unsuspecting creatures

and drives us inexorably onward

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keith jeffries

Sat 23rd Dec 2017 20:11

Adam, thank you for your constructive comments: they are much appreciated and helpful. Keith

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Adam Whitworth

Sat 23rd Dec 2017 18:14

I like this sensitive look at disquietude, well done Keith for this useful effort.

If it was me (thank god it's not!! I hear you say) In the fifth stanza I would stick with "I" rather than switching to "we".

The last verse I can't quite go with, I would have to rewrite it completely, possibly more akin to the previous one, possibly casting the slightest positive glow on it if I could.

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