We Stand Army Strong

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{We Stand Army Strong} 



We stand under the American flag with us being stronger than before because we are united and Army Strong 


But when thing's gets dicey outside around us we pick ourselves back up two by two while filing out of the doorway two by two with our weapons in our hands with our military brother's and sister's standing strong by our side even while we may be under attack or 🔥 fire or under siege or as we may get hit by a stray bullet from the enemy and as we may slowly bleed out but we shall survive if not gather my thing's ship them to my family because my body will shipped back home to my family on the next delivery of my brother's and sister's that was always standing strong for our country and even you and caused them to pass away from laying down our lives so you can live and have freedom 


But we see and hear the bullet's flying past our heads as they ring out like loud thunder then your buddy gets hit you cannot make to them as they cling to life while you wipe away the tears of fear for them dying this way and as you start to pray that you make out of this alive as the enemy keeps bombing you while you 🔥 fire your gun's back at them striking them but not nearly enough to destory them while the air force calls for an air strike as we hear on the radios saying targets hit while the fire's are burning in the village and roads while the dust settles down then I see one of the enemies barely walking as I pick up my gun place my fingers on the trigger and squeeze it tight as I can while I hit you in the chest cavity and then I hear the sounds of the enemies laying there dying with the gurgling sounds filling their throats and chest as you gasp for air but none is spared for you 



And we are here standing Army Strong and Military strong we shall survive and  conquer you all one by one because that's what we live to do 




Dedicated To All Military Men And Women 






©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/07/2017 all rights reserved 



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