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You blinded me with your words, and you ripped my heart right out of my chest.

You lied through your teeth, calling me perfect and saying I was the one.

Now everything seems dim, nothing is vivid anymore.

The flowers have lost saturation.

My smile has lost meaning.

The muffled sobs at night get louder and louder.

I want to be numb. And the sweet dream of darkness seems more and m...

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Something's changed.

I don't have to hide who I am 

I don't have to pretend to be happy

I don't have to fake a smile.

I feel alive

I feel new

I feel like I am no longer alone.

I have found a new purpose.


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No More

i can't do it anymore

the pain

the hurt

no more.

i want it to go away.

to be at peace

to be happy

to forget

but no more.

we were perfect

in love


but no more.

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A dad

is supposed  

to help



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You will never see how you hurt me

when you can't even tell me you love me;

when you don't feel the same things i do;

when you can't love me like i love you;

when i can't see a sparkle in your eyes everytime you look at me;

when i can't find that smile on your face;

when i can't feel the warmth of your hand on mine;

when i can't feel your kiss on my cheek;

when i can't reme...

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As you walk away slowly

i can see that the light

in your eyes

are gone

and the warmth 

in your smile

has turned cold

and the love

you have once showed me

is no longer

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