The Late Cretinous Period

the late cretinous period

paid in signs 
between the lines 
tans centimeters 
at a time

sea change
accurately enough 
to change his mind

gum masks 
the scent of death 
his motions 
can be tracked

from the spine 
to his twerks
in the virtual discotek

in the late 
panic’s in the air

meteor’s been 
with moments 
left to spare

in the late 
cretinous period 
we mostly 
stare and laugh

worst fears 
have come true
we take small pleasure 
in that

they’ll find us 
in the mud 
they’ll study 
unmatched socks

what was once 
so obscure
will become 

the spectrum 
will be analyzed 
results won’t 
raise an eye

as all options 
effort beyond 
our wildest thoughts

◄ my upfall

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