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Darkness doesn’t pass it just becomes different fragments of light Maybe over minutes, hours or days it can seem bright. As I sit twisting my short hair around my finger wondering if 4 days unwashed is a concern If the clothes I’ve not cleaned, that I sit in, does it really matter?

  I can raise a smile yet a tear falls quicker, overflowing my eye lashes, warm on my cheek, never alone as another one falls to the corner of my mouth, it tastes bitter sweet.

 My arms cradle my skin hugging myself in tight as I rest my chin on my knees I don’t want to be around anyone, smiling, trying to fit in and pretending to be happy and pleased.  

Yet I pick up my phone and a text a friend. I explain how I’m feeling, that I can’t carry on and that I think this is the end. No patronising comments are made, she cares, she’s been here with me before We’ve read this book a thousand times and never closed that door. we talk for an hour, maybe more until in the end we’re quoting Dr Seuss and James Bond one liners. Now the tears that fall are for joy and how I felt feels quite miner 

So for now it’s passed and I pick myself up that hour spent talking was about my mental health

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Ria Richardson

Thu 18th Jan 2018 22:33

Thank you so much for your comment
I’ve reread my poem and your comments again and I think your right
I think most of what I write about is trying to get thoughts out of my head and try deal with issues I have going on
Massive help. Thank you for taking the time

Ria xx

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 18th Jan 2018 18:25

definitely no patronising comments from us but according to the way you write we think it will be YOU who is the person who will rescue YOU

you are self-analysing and that is the best thing to do in our books.
As much as these so-called experts try to help none of them can possibly know the REAL you.

Hope this doesn't come over as patronising but we sincerely wish you luck.

P&S xx

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