In the desolate city of my mind

A lifetime spent collecting knowledge 
Destroyed in as little as two rotations 
A broken heart has collateral damage 
All offices shut down; sleeping nations 

All manner of motivation is dispelled 
From this building and surrounding 
Blocks. Residents have been expelled
Only a stubborn few are remaining 

This derelict area only has a flicker
Of light. It's coming from a homeless 
Habitant in a dark alley lit by fire 
The only sign of life is defenseless

Warming hands against the cold wind
That has settled in this forsaken place 
No man power, no civilisation, nothing
Only a spark in a dark corner has grace

Drawn from hope of imminent takeover  
Once the leader of this bustling city 
The homeless habitant awaits a partner
To lead these streets back to their glory 

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