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She woke up with jitters

Drenched in sweat were her clothes

She didn't know what had happened

Watching all around, into darkness she tore


Something was causing the goosebumps

On her hands and the back of her neck

She chose to ponder around

Ignoring the sirens in her head


"I did have some friends with me

What were their names?"

Her mind was a mess

Was she ...

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Would they care?

would they care???

it seems like a void
waking up trapped inside
should i live another day?
should i rather die?

would they know im gone?
would they feel bad??
would they miss me forever?
or will it pass like a fad?

surely they will move on
thats how life works
but they wont be Able to replace me
they should miss my quirks

but is this life worth living??
i ponder deep and wit...

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mental health issues

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