The Gay Manta Ray

The Gay Manta Ray


The Gay Manta Ray felt out of place

especially amongst a shoal of plaice

He swam the oceans mostly alone

without the comfort of a mobile phone


He was shunned by many of the other Rays

because he lived according to different ways

Essentially he was in search of a mate

yet frequently found only a hake


Often mocked by crab and eel

this was really too much to feel

Other Rays kept him at bay

because his life style was of another way


Sometimes he wished to be hooked and caught

then all would end and he become naught

So on he swam in search of love

offering a few prayers to God above

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keith jeffries

Sat 23rd Dec 2017 09:48

Ray, Kevin and Eric, thank you for your comments and interest regarding this unusual offering. Kevin, a sequel is swimming around in my mind. The Ray moves on into unchartered territory. Keith

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Fri 22nd Dec 2017 21:47

Excellent fare Keith. I was reminded of "The pathetic sharks " from the Viz comic some years back. Just a coincidence i'm sure.


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kJ Walker

Thu 21st Dec 2017 19:43

Nice one Keith. I hope there is going to be a sequel where he finds what he is looking for.
Cheers Kevin.

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Eric Maynard

Thu 21st Dec 2017 15:08

The line "Often mocked by crab and eel" has a great deal of power in it - that line alone could merit an entire poem built around it. I enjoyed the parallel construction of "hooked and caught" with it later. There were some pleasant surprises (mobile phone). Thanks for this!

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