California~Birmingham Skies

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{California~Birmingham Skies}



He was twisted up into the California skies always needing that extra special gift of love that would feel his 💓 heart with happiness for the rest of his day's on this planet but he painting his words of wisdom across the skies in California with the wanting to dedicating his self to this world the way he should have so long ago before his hair got all gray and to old to do anything and now he is painting those skies the same way they painted a Birmingham as he is inviting, intoxicating he is my very best muse that I am liking even more and no matter how distant we are in the world just know we are cyber minutes away from each other as you continue to paint me that California~Birmingham with the secrets of burning infatuations of our two different worlds that collides to become one and not causing no chaos to no one and as his sliver gray lining is shining through the clouds on a cloudy day he always light's my way and guiding me home with his California charm and that's  when I feel better and comfortable and with him grabbing my hand saying come with me and have no fear my dear I am here and I'll never leave you alone  as we carry on like to people smitten with each other's company and beautiful souls as I like to get lost in the California skies as long as he will accompany me on that journey while he is painting a California~Birmingham 






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