Out of Darkness into Enlightenment

Out of Darkness into Enlightenment


The darkness of conformity stifles mind and soul

It drains even a flicker of life as uniformity holds sway

There is no fertile growth as seeds perish in the earth

No amount of water gives light to the void


Darkness is the cloak which enwraps itself around us

Ideas lay dormant or die unless the light shines

Fear thrives in the portals and shadows of prejudice

Ignorance abhors the brilliance of free thought


Darkness itself was one great fear, the light

The light, even the glimmer of a votive candle

can expose and fragment the inky darkness

Darkness is the vestment of deception


Darkness, the temptress seduces the frustration of ambition

It has the power to oppress and control

to limit, to restrict and deny vision

It is the landscape of stagnation, a prelude to death


The candle of incipient light is the enemy of darkness

as it stimulates life, love and freedom

A greater light can banish darkness

in its entirety to liberate and expose all wrong


Out of the darkness a guiding ray of light

leads forward brave souls to embrace individuality

The light stimulates originality of thought

with a spirit of adventure and liberation


Out of darkness we discover knowledge

enlightenment which eradicates hatred and prrjudice

Out of darkness the sun searches out the shadows

Then the power of darkness is vanquished

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keith jeffries

Fri 29th Dec 2017 17:32

Jon and Martin, Thank you for your very kind and considered comments. They are much appreciated. Keith

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Martin Elder

Fri 29th Dec 2017 17:02

Darkness, the temptress seduces the frustration of ambition

is my favourite line which for me sums it all up.
Nice one Keith

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Fri 29th Dec 2017 16:07

Hi Keith
Great poem that has much truth witihin its words. I especially enjoyed the first two stanzas which set the tone for what is a very well worded, insightful poem.
Great stuff mate!

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keith jeffries

Thu 28th Dec 2017 19:01

Kevin, Thank you indeed but four quid is required for submission and I don´t have a UK Bank Account and it is too late to send anything now as the dead line is 31 December. Not to worry my aim is to enjoy writing and reading poetry. Money or popular acclaim are not up my street. Thank you for your encouragement this year and also your very special brand of poetry. May I wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Keith (the gay manta ray sends his regards also)

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kJ Walker

Thu 28th Dec 2017 16:57

Hi Keith. I've been trying to write a poem on the theme of "out of darkness" for a couple of months now, for the Wolverhampton original literature festival. I couldn't think of anything.this one would have been perfect for the competition. As it fits the criteria perfectly.i think you would have had a good chance if you entered this one.
Nice write


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