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lynn hahn on World Mental Health Day // October 10th (Sun, 31 Dec 2017 02:07 am)

Forgive but don’t forget me

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I don’t want to be a bad memory,

so here I am, saying sorry,

for the things I’ve done that could possibly have hurt you;

with everything I say or done,

I hope you forgive me

before the sun sets and 

hope you’ll remember me

as a good memory when the sun rises.

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World Mental Health Day // October 10th

These days can be gloomy
and this is where you keep saying sorry
for the things you did not do, don’t worry.
Maybe everything is out of place right now
and so, you have rights to have some space
and even time for yourself to breathe in a normal pace.
I know, it hurts, everything hurts 
but don’t give up and put yourself first.
Everyone is always one call away
and I promise you that they w...

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