The full moon was high, 

I could sense boundaries slipping 

and my vision was strong, 

unsure at first, 

But you cannot fool or shock a witch, 

Or make them feel less of what they are, 

I dont need to shout, 

Or gather in packs, 

or show off or mock, 

That is not my style, 

I can't criticise you

For what you have done 

Or who you are 

As I do not know what led you to this path, 

But believe in magic 

and dreams 

and I hope you have what you want 

and a happiness of sorts, 

So sleep easy 

and try to forget all that is not true

There is a calm now

I see you 

I see what happened to you 

But know this 

It was just a happening 

Heal yourself 

No one can do that for you 

No matter what they say 

Or who they pretend to be 

Look up at the stars 

and see the light 

Look within and see the light 

That has always been there 



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Nicola Beckett

Tue 5th Dec 2017 14:58

Oh just found it, thank you ♥

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Nicola Beckett

Mon 4th Dec 2017 22:35

I looked for the open heart poem but couldn't find it, have you posted it yet on your profile? yes our poems do 'fit' well together xxx

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patrick D Ortiz

Mon 4th Dec 2017 22:05

I wrote my poem to you The open heart poems 1 before I read this , it is amazing to me how well they fit when I now read them both. we write well together. good write ..

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