How Do I Stop Thinking Of Him?

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{How Do I Stop Thinking Of Him?}




How do I stop thinking about him because it's been made clear he sure as hell ain't thinking about me 



I honestly don't get it am I that bad of person that he does me this way 



Please tell me is it me or did you not understand my rare brain disease and the side effects of it or did you simply find it amusing to fuck my life up the way you did and now I cannot stop thinking about you



And right now I wish so much right now how I wish that I would have amnesia hit my brain so it would make me not even remember who I am besides let alone you and is that to much to ask for I think not but that's my personal opinion



And as I try to keep my self busy with thing's and even hanging out with old friend's and writing more and more to get you off and out of my mind but when I write all I see is your face and it makes my words blurry to write down with trying to look around you because you are now my worst illusion or mirage that I wished it would disappear from every where I go and everything I may see that is an illusion in front of my poor eyesight



And you have a new life but that didn't include me and damn if I wasn't your fool 



Not again because now since apparently I repeal the opposite sex I guess that makes a sad loner to die aloner 



And you keep all the fake ass memories of us and stick them straight up you derriere as I will be  sitting close by beating on my native shaman 🥁 drum you cocked fool 





My little puss in boot's








©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/02/2017 all rights reserved

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