Specifically, Then, Why?



Why did you imply I’m an addict?

Why did you imply that I use my mental illness as an excuse?

Do you realize that you did either of those?

Why do you think you couldn’t make me happy?

Why did you say such mean things?

Why did you keep me so close only to tear me away layer by layer?

Why did you unfriend me after saying you wanted to be friends?

Why did you leave after saying we were on the right path?

Why did you not tell anyone about who I am?

Why did you forget that I’d bought plane tickets?

Or did you just not care at that point?

Did you actually forget?

Why didn’t you talk to me?

Why didn’t you talk to anyone?

Did you talk to anyone?

Why is it so hard for you to treat me as an equal?

Why can’t you just tell me the straight truth?

Why didn’t you just ask for our dynamic to be sexual?

Is that what you wanted?

Did you know that I’d be able to do that?

Do you know that I’d consider it?

Why did you promise one thing and deliver the opposite?

Why did you hurt me so unnecessarily?

What did you want me to do?

More specific?

There are countless questions that pierce my mind every day when I wake up

I tried being specific and look where it got me

So why?

Why did everything happen?


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