Your words

I am a hunter of words, stalking my prey requires patience and creativity.


Some days I starve, allusive words hide in the forest of my mind, I can only glimpse them, as they rush out of the bushes, blowing on my neck as they fly by.


So imagine my surprise, as a sizeable word lingers, watching me, almost testing me, the eyes say try.


I know now that my pray lives in others, I hear some that are careless with their words, a negative mind engaging, watch the words fall out of the mouth. 


I listen, I catch the words with my ear, taking them in keeping them safe with me.


In doing so the words took me in, to a wonderful world, where words are said on the wind, one kind word can travel across the world. 


Finally, peacefully silence rescued me, no longer a hunter but a guardian of these most magical, and hurtful of words.

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