A letter to my Demon

For a long time after,

I didn't think I would ever find the words to describe what you took from me or what you did,

It became my biggest shame,

 Like every thrust you took added a 20 pound weight that I had to carry around with me after. I kept it hidden from everyone;

I worked so hard to keep it a secret because you made me feel like I deserved it.

I felt like you'd taken my fire,

No longer feisty and strong

 You'd made me feel as fragile as glass

 You loved the sound when I shattered in your fist.

How big is the pile of wreckage you stand in?


 I cried so much I nearly drowned

Sinking drinks was a temporary forget me potion

Seeking comfort in strangers I

Hoping that a kiss from the right frog would break the curse so I could be strong again

It didn't work

I sank lower and lower

You'd smothered my flames

My tears soaked the ashes

I was floating in an ocean of despair


I am an ocean

I am unstoppable

I was powerful and strong before we met.

 I am powerful and strong now.

That night did not defeat me.

 That night will never defeat me,

I am worth every good thing life will offer me.

You are so weak,

Like a parasite that drains the life out of a host,

 One day it won't be enough

Every horror you have ever committed will hit you.

 I see it as the happily ever after in my nightmares.

 I am not lucky enough to forget your face or what you did.

Those memories have given me armour.

I survived the worst night of my life and came out stronger.

I am one small girl you underestimated,

The one you thought you could hurt without consequence,

The one you thought was worthless,

 The one you thought you were entitled to.

You were wrong.

 I am the survivor.


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Philip Stevens

Mon 29th Jan 2018 22:52

Think invincible... be invincible

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