The Snowman

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If we get heavy snow and not just rain.
Build a little snowman in Bobby's name.
Don't forget to give it a cheeky like grin!
That'll remind people it was built for him.

Build the greatest snowman in the land!
Get all your best mates to lend a hand.
A snowman who’ll be Bobby’s namesake.
Deserves to be special, every last flake.

Around his neck wrap an Everton scarf.
Tie it with love on every scousers behalf.
Give him 2 twig arms and a carrot nose.
Give him a warm hug if a cold wind blows.

With a cosy blue hat he will look the part.
Stand back and admire your work of art!
Before you leave him and say ‘goodnight’
Give him a kiss on his cheeks pure white.

But if you rise one morning from your bed.
And find that you have a little tear to shed.
As you might discover the sun has shone.
And your Bobby snowman has all but gone.

But remember unlike snow that melts away.
Bobby's loving memory will be here to stay.
As such memories will never melt or dim.
The world never forgets a little boy like him.

So please don’t cry, not at Christmas time.
Bobby’s in Heaven, a light forever to shine.
Because Angels glow he twinkles like a star.
The brightest light in the Festive sky by far.


(dedicated to Bobby Colleran aged 6 from Liverpool)

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Mike Bartram

Fri 8th Dec 2017 11:50

Thank you for reading and the comment....Mike

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Mon 4th Dec 2017 19:26

If it snows I will build a snowman and give him an everyone scarf Mike. Very sad but warming too. Thanks Beno.

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